Norman Rockwell Trevor campbell

Norman Rockwell thought of him self first. For most a commercial illustratior . Today more than 38 years after his death in 1978 Norman Rockwell was a 20th century American author/ painter/illustrator. When he was just five years old other boys played with store bought ships to have naval battles . They became so popular other boys asked him to make some for them.

When he was turned down for the Navy because because they said that he was way to skinny. He was eventually accepted but when they found out who he was they allowed him to keep painting while doing his service in the navy. In his earlier work Rockwell worked from models he began to work in wilder for more exaggerated poses.

Norman's grandfather was in English artist Thomas hill who specialized in very detailed animal drawings. As a boy Norman was very thin and awkward. He found he could entertain his friends through his art.

Born on February 3, 1894, New York City NY

Death on November 8, 1978 Stockbridge MA

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