The Snackintyre A revolution in snacking

The mythical legend of The Snackintyre has, for milennia, bounced around as a story from one people to another. Civilizations have come and gone while The Snackintyre story has transcended by being passed from one generation to the next and from tribe to tribe. The recipe has been stolen, sold, fought over, traded, awarded, buried, and prayed about. It has started and settled wars, skirmishes and disputes. It has solved mysteries while being a mystery of its own. Kings, queens, rulers, pirates, nomads, presidents, generals, wisemen, warlocks, witches, magicians, gods, goddesses, man, woman and child have all sought out the wisdom and deliciousness that comes with The Snackintyre.

Join us for future historic moments at www.Snackintyre.com

Witness the unfolding of a masterpiece above in, "Snackintyre: The Beginning."

You might be asking yourself, what the hell is a Snackintyre? You're in luck, Snackintyre Official Spokesman, Calvin happens to be available to help explain it to you. Watch below:

Snackintyres make any holiday party better!

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