The School Newsletter Week 4, Term 3 2021

What's Coming Up?

  • Fri 6 Aug: Mary Mackillop Games
  • Mon 9 Aug: ICAS Digital Technologies Assessments


From the Principal

Our school was founded in 1952 by the Sisters of St Joseph, a religious congregation founded by Mary MacKillop. The story of Mary MacKillop is one of courage, determination and faith. Mary’s vision was at once large, small and Catholic.

Mary’s vision was always larger than the resources she had to achieve it. She never took the easy path. She did not want only to show sympathy to deprived children. She wanted to open schools for them. She did not want simply to do good works alone. She wanted to be part of a band of women dedicated to the poor. She did not confine her work to one part of Australia or of the Catholic Church. She wanted to serve poor children wherever there was need and wherever her Congregation was wanted. She faced many conflicts with people whose vision was smaller than her own.

But Mary’s vision also focused on small things. What mattered to her was people. Wherever she went she met children in schools, visited prisoners in jails and encouraged the Josephite sisters who taught in schools and cared for poor children. She saw each human being as important in God’s eyes and her meetings with each person always spoke of God’s love.

Mary’s vision was both large and small because it was a Catholic vision. She was inspired by faith and she lived her faith in the Catholic Church. No matter how badly she was treated by other Catholics, the Church was God’s family and her home.

Mary MacKillop died on 8th August 1909. This Sunday we mark her feast day on the 112th anniversary of her death. Our celebrations will take place this Friday. Details of our celebrations appear elsewhere in this newsletter. Thank you in anticipation of your support of our feast day celebrations.

Have a good week.

Peter Green.



This Friday (6th August) we will celebrate the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who established the Sisters of St Joseph. It was the Sisters of St Joseph who founded our school in 1952.

Final arrangements are as follows:

  1. The students will wear their sport uniforms to school this Friday.
  2. Our day will commence with a liturgy at which we will give thanks to God for the gift of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.
  3. The Mary MacKillop Games will be one of our highlights. We are requesting a $2 entry fee from each student, to fund our school’s donation to an organisation called Mary MacKillop Today, which works with local communities in Australia and internationally to teach life skills to less privileged people in the areas of education, health and managing finances. We will collect this money on the morning of the Games.
  4. The teams have been named after schools in our Diocese that were established by the Sisters of St Joseph. The teams were published in last week’s newsletter.
  5. Throughout the day, each student will be required to demonstrate competency in a number of physical challenges, which will include skills such as throwing and catching an AFL ball, shooting basketball goals and jumping around a circuit in a hessian sack. The challenges will be quite achievable by all of the students, increasing in difficulty for older students. Any student who earns ten stamps on their skills card throughout the day will win an ice block.
  6. After recess, we will stage a tug-o-war competition in which the teams will compete against one another in a knockout competition. The two strongest teams will compete in the final, with each winner of the victorious team winning a genuine imitation gold medallion.
  7. Our celebrations will conclude with our closing ceremony. Some of our Year 6 students have choreographed a dance routine for the closing ceremony which they are teaching to some of our younger students during their lunch breaks.
  8. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions do not allow us to invite parents and other spectators to our celebrations. However, we will be sure to take many photos and a video of the closing ceremony, and we will make these available to you.

Thank you in anticipation of your support of this event.



The uniform service will be closed for face to face service until further notice. Orders placed on the Qkr! app will still be filled and sent home with children on a Friday .


As you can see from the roster below, we still require volunteers this term.

Without a recess volunteer, children are being given their recess orders at lunch time.



Our parish priest, Fr Gerard, has released information regarding the parish sacramental programs. Last year, COVID restrictions forced him to cancel the programs. Fortunately, he is able to run the programs this year with some restrictions in place. Among those restrictions is our inability to invite the parents to the preparation sessions. This is unfortunate, because one of the strengths of our programs has been the involvement of the parents as the first and primary witnesses to their faith for their children. Nevertheless, we will proceed under those limitations.

Fr Gerard will begin with the Reconciliation program. Last Friday I emailed the parents of those students enrolled in the program in regard to the arrangements for the program.

Following the Reconciliation program Fr Gerard will let us know the arrangements for Confirmation, and then for First Holy Communion.

For all three programs, Fr Gerard will deliver the content in a classroom at St Patrick’s during the school day. As is the practice with all mentors, coaches and presenters who are engaged to deliver programs at St Patrick’s, a member of the staff will be present throughout each session to assist with any pastoral or behavioural issues that may arise, and to assist Fr Gerard where necessary.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact either Fr Gerard or our school’s Religious Education Coordinator, Daniel Lockwood.





Last Wednesday, four of our athletes represented the Lakes region at the Diocesan athletics carnival. All four of our athletes did exceptionally well at this elite level of competition:

  • Florence progressed to the 8 years girls 100 metres final in which she came 4th.
  • Madison competed in three 11 years girls finals events. She came 1st in 100 metres, 1st in 200 metres and 3rd in 800 metres.
  • Jacob came 6th in 11 years long jump.
  • Evan came 6th in senior high jump.

Congratulations to all four of these athletes. We are very proud of you.

Madison will now progress to the Polding trials. If she is successful at these trials, she will compete at the NSW PSSA State Championships.



The dates of the Years 2 to 6 ICAS Assessments have been previously advertised in this newsletter.ICAS has made a change to the date of the Writing competition, which has been transferred from next Monday to Tuesday 5th October (first day of Term 4).

The due date for registering and paying for the Writing assessment has been extended to Sunday 19th September. If you wiould like your child to do the Writing assessment – or any of the other assessments - please use the following details:

Parent page link: https://shop.icasassessments.com/pages/pps

School access code for parents: JHR549

Participation in these assessments is entirely optional.

Other details of the ICAS assessments appear in previous school newsletters.

If you require more information about ICAS, you may either contact me or visit https://www.icasassessments.com/products-icas

Peter Green.



Due to the current COVID restrictions and lockdown on the Central Coast, the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition for Years 5 and 6 students has been postponed to Tuesday 14 September for all schools. This revised event date will allow all registered schools and students to participate at the same time, should there be no further lockdown restrictions.





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