Journey Log 2 Emma Johnston

This week, we focused a lot on monsters. This is something that really interested me in the beginning when it was first introduced. I love horror movies, and suspenseful movies and TV shows as well. My favorite series is The Walking Dead. So when this theme was introduced, I was very excited. I thought it was very interesting reading Why We Crave Horror Movies. Through out reading it, I kept comparing myself to the things the author was saying. I think that to some point it would apply to the general population. I also liked discussing the different kinds of monsters in life, not just the ones under your bed. The double meaning behind the word is very intriguing to me. Everyone perceives their monsters as something different. I think that it is especially interesting because of the election.

The habit of mind I kept going back to was curiosity. After reading the literature provided to me, I also delved into the other reading that were given. Of course I had to read the one about the zombies. I found that one extremely intriguing.

This is what I chose to do for my specialization. I wanted to draw something that represented the classic "monster" symbol. When I was drawing these monsters, I did not go in with a specific plan. But, I did know that they typical monsters were overdone. I was really inspired by Beetlejuice. I love how that movie got creative with the different kinds of monsters. I was also inspired by all of the Tim Burton movies, especially Coraline. Which is my favorite movie!

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