Its about respect... names can matter

In North Dakota there is a place called Standing Rock Reservation which is home to some of the Sioux tribe, and to the west in Montana there is a place called the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

And if a group of middle school kids was traveling between the two, they would drive along State Route 212, and they would come to enter an island of forest rising above the prairie.

The forest here is a designated National Forest. What would be a good name for such a place? A place in the heart of the ancestral lands of the Native Americans, some of whom still live on this earth.

Yes indeed. It is called Custer National Forest! And if this doesn't strike you as a cruel irony, then I suggest that you don't the know the history of this place, and these people.

This spiritual 'poke in the eye' should, and can be changed. How about 'Sitting Bull National Forest' instead, honoring the most respected of Sioux chiefs in his time.

If this message resonates with you, then please consider joining with other like-minded people to make it happen. Simply share the idea with others in your circle, and please sign the petition!

Thank you! And to learn more visit the Sitting Bull National Forest Website-

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