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Including the Chicago Premiere of

DARK MONEY by Kimberley Reed

@ the Gene Siskel Film Center, July 27 - August 2

A political thriller, DARK MONEY examines one of the greatest present threats to American democracy: the influence of untraceable corporate money on our elections and elected officials. The film takes viewers to Montana—a frontline in the fight to preserve fair elections nationwide—to follow an intrepid local journalist working to expose the real-life impacts of the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

from The Washington Post:

''Hiding behind advocacy organizations with vague, patriotic-sounding names, firms are given free rein to funnel money anonymously — money that they are otherwise legally barred from contributing directly to a campaign — to middlemen who can run the kind of partisan advertising “where you don’t know who’s paying for the ads.”



by Academy-Award nominated director Elaine Mcmillion Sheldon

Now Available on NETFLIX

from The New York Times:

"Unseen and rarely heard, Ms. McMillion Sheldon, a West Virginia native intimately acquainted with victims of opioid abuse, paints faces on increasingly depressing statistics. Watching the men as they work, attend 12-step meetings and struggle to repair frayed familial bonds, she unearths moments of raw revelation that quietly highlight our shameful lack of effective help. These make “Recovery Boys” — a companion to her 2018 Oscar-nominated short documentary, “Heroin(e)” — a moving yet cautionary tale and a painful reminder that recovery is a journey that never really ends."


In NYC Theatres on July 25th:

93QUEEN by Paula Eiselt

In a Hasidic enclave in Brooklyn, there are seemingly endless services tailored for the community—stores in Yiddish, school buses and even a dedicated EMS. Yet the corps is made up entirely of men, and one group of women wants to change that. On a mission to start the city's first all-female volunteer EMS corps, these women are set on shattering the glass ceiling in the unlikeliest of communities.

93Queen opens on 7/25 at NYC's IFC Center (323 Sixth Avenue)! The film will run for one week with 4 screenings a day - plus special Q&A’s with director, Paula Eiselt, and film subject, Ruchie Freier.


Documentaries are finding their foothold - and much acclaim - in theaters and on SVOD platforms this summer. Here are some highlights from recent articles about why the time is ripe for these stories and what it means for the future:

"When it comes to social-issue documentaries, Netflix has the market cornered. In recent years, the streaming platform’s original documentaries and docuseries have tackled everything under the sun, from business and politics to drug abuse and public-health crises."

Documentaries Are Thriving at the Summer Box Office. Why?

"Films like RBG, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and Three Identical Strangers are doing well with small audiences and sustaining their grosses as they expand to more theaters."
We live in divided and tricky times as a country, with audiences who frequently patronize art houses likely to be among those most passionately concerned about public events. This likely helped “RBG” thrive, and even the less political “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” could be getting support as a statement for civility. But both films provide supplementary information to what their audiences already feel: Audiences don’t expect to have their minds changed about anything."

We're so excited to have the following CMP member-supported projects nominated by the Television Academy for Emmy Awards!


Outstanding Made for Television Movie - 2018 Nominee


Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series - 2018 Nominee


Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming - 2018 Nominee

Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Special - 2018 Nominee

Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming - 2018 Nominee


DINNER & DOCS in Millennium Park was a blast!

Thank you to the 7000+ crowd who turned out to make it a success! If we missed you, we are eager to see you next time!

Cofounders Paula Froehle and Steve Cohen

Thanks to all CMP members for your support and belief in the power of media to bring about change.



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