Why has AMA chosen to partner with health2047?

Lately, the industry has been hit by the news regarding $15 million investment made by American Medical Association in order to honour its commitment of advancing medical practices to improve public health. AMA has chosen to invest the amount and becomes founding partner of healthcare innovation company known as health2047. Health2047 basically is a Silicon Valley-based company that combines strategy, design and venture disciplines with leading companies, physicians and entrepreneurs with the intention of improving healthcare. It has been stated by health2047 that they will be making use of AMA’s expertise and relationships with physicians to create new products, tools and resources that deliver the desired healthcare to the patients.

Both AMA and health2047 believe there is urgent need of improving the health of the nation therefore, the association will be building partnerships so that new solutions can be offered for physicians and their patients. The ultimate goal of health2047 is to improve health care delivery and health outcomes in the US. With use of its product orientation and entrepreneurial DNA, health2047 will help forge new paths and bring commercial solutions to the market much more quickly.

Health2047 is located in the Silicon Valley in California and is working on to explore innovative solutions to the biggest technology challenges faced by the nation’s physicians and the patients. The healthcare system needs to implement the required changes so that in the coming decade’s things can be done more quickly and proficiently.

Health2047’s collaboration with the will integrate healthcare companies, technology companies and entrepreneurs to co-develop, create and introduce new offering that can have an evident impact on health care and medical practice. Health2047 will be joining hands with AMA content experts across different medical, health policy and pragmatic practice areas. It can be stated that in future we would be witnessing a major change in the US healthcare system.

On the whole, health2047 is a new addition to the market. This innovation centre would be making use of its expertise to offer solutions that can fix the current challenges the US healthcare system has become a victim of. It is a for-profit entity working in partnership with the leading companies, physicians and entrepreneurs to fulfil its mission. The ultimate goal is to introduce new products, tools and resources that enhance the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care to patients.

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