Music Aquarius & Alyssa

"It’s difficult to say when music began. We can find references in various religious texts to singing and making music." Humanity's greatest strength is music. We believe this because music has been around for eternities and has helped various people in different ways. Each piece of music is different and unique for different situations. Music can express different mood such as happiness, kindness, sadness, depression, and etc. Music can also help prevent people from committing suicide and help people deal with death/ losing a loved one.

  • Justin Bieber's "Life is Worth Living" prevented 34% of suicides.
  • The Pretty Reckless "Under the Water" helped me with my uncles death, which was December 4, 2016. -Aquarius
  • Christina Perri "Human" helped me with my depression a while back ago. -Alyssa
  • Marilyn Manson has helped Maddi become the wonderful, crazy girl she is.
  • Pharrell Willams "Happy" can change your mood in two different ways, either it makes you very upset because it's annoying, or in makes you excited because it is a happy song.

Mozart was an influential composer in the Classical Era.

The first famous harpist was King David. He was an Egyptian man.

There are different kinds music for every holiday and season. Music can brighten up your day and is something literally any and everyone can enjoy or create. Music expresses the creativity in others and can also tell stories. Some musical legends are Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Bob Marley, Johannes Sebastian Bach, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Billie Holiday, Gene Simmons, McJagger, Christina Aguliara, and many more.

Many songs may also teach us things that are going on in the world today. In today's world, what we see, hear, and do may put a long term effect on people younger than us. One of my (Aquarius) favorite songs that describes these thing is "House on a Hill" by The Pretty Reckless. My opinion based on the lyrics and video of the song is that we are slowly depicting the world of the good pure things left due to our ignorance and confusion of the things going on around us.

As you can see, Music is Humanity's greatest strength in our opinion. Music is for everyone to enjoy. You can always find at least one song or genre to listen to. Music can help you bring out a side of you the no one even knew. It helps you be creative and express your opinion, feelings, and emotions. Music is LIFE!!!

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