Good Life Tour of The Harn By Christal Odum

Medium of Art/Technique of Artist

I was particularly intrigued by the city-scapes etched out of wood. I have always been fascinated by cities. The atmosphere is both inspiring and intoxicating to me. These etched out cities looking almost sparkling from a distance, but up close you can appreciate the detail that makes up the larger image. This is reflective of the dazzle the city holds as well as it's industrious roots.

Design of the Museum

The highlight of the museum, for me, was the "Meant to Be Shared, European Prints". The layout of the room, along with the interaction provided by the magnifying glass made for a delightful experience. I enjoyed viewing the larger map and then exploring the room to see a more detailed depiction of the area. Furthermore, I loved taking a closer look at the works though the looking glass, I felt like an explorer! It forced me to appreciate the incredible detail in each and every piece.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is ballet, it a key factor in how I define myself. However, I found myself offended by a piece depicting a ballerina. It portrayed a dainty, feminine women relaxing in a seat. I realize ballet is an art, but it is incredibly athletic. It is a ballerina's strength as much as there artistry that I admire. I realize that in the 1920's, the period it was made, ballet was viewed in a different light. Ballerinas were praised for portraying the feminine ideal: soft, fragile, light. Through my experience, I have learned that is merely a veil that masks the power, pain, strength, and suffering ballet demands. (At the bottom I attached a piece of art that better depicts the truth of ballet.)

Art and the Good Life

There was a feminist exhibit in the museum that evoked the concept that we've discussed most recently in class, fighting for the good life. It touched on the idea of civil disobedience by using peaceful protest through art. I appreciated the whit through Guerrilla Girls approach to promoting equality among men and women. It is risque, yet tasteful and poignant yet, amusing. The perfect contradiction made for an effective approach to the concept of fighting for the good life.

Created By
Christal Odum


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art - Roadside Sculpture"

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