A Invader Named Fanwort by Berke Ucuncuoglu

some pictures of fanwort

Fanworts' classification

Fanwort is in the kingdom plantae, it's in the order nymphaeales, It is in the family cabombaceae and the genus is cabomba.

The physical, structural and behavioral characteristics of fanwort are they root in the bottom of lakes and rivers. Sometimes found floating but often found rooted (it can survive floating for 6 to 8 weeks). It grows to 1/5 to 3/4 inches long and and 3/4 to 2 inches wide.

Fanworts' Natural Habitat

Fanworts' natural habitat are Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay,, Northest Argentina and in Southern and Eastern USA. But fanwort best thrives in Stagnant Slow flowing environments.

Ecosystems Fanworts invade

In Ontario, fanwort was first found in Kasshabog Lake, part of the Crowe River watershed northeast of the City of Peterborough. Since its discovery in 1991 it has spread within the watershed to North River, South Lake and Big Mountain Lake. Fanwort has also been introduced in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia and the northeast and northwest United States.

How fanwort migrates to new areas, fanwort is a popular aquarium plant. It may have been introduced to Canada by an aquarium who dumped their waste into a body of water.

Negative impacts fanworts have

Fanworts block sunlight that native plants need which causes the native plants to die out, fanworts also grow very resistant and quickly so they crowd out other vegetation. fanworts narrow waterways so swimmers and boats can get stuck.

what you can do to stop fanwort from spreading further

We can stop swimming and stop riding boats in infected areas and if you do make sure you don't forget to clean your boat.

Another thing you can do is if you own your own aquarium it can avoid planting fanwort in it. You can also report any fanwort or another invasive species.

For more information of fanwort visit the link below


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