Rhythm and Resistance By Dewon Dixon

Name Dewon Dixon

Class A1

Assignment Resistance poem

Resistance is the act of pushing away something. You may think “Huh? Is this good or bad?” Actually, it's a good thing, and let me tell you why. Resistance could help you fight back a regret, a lie, or even a thought in our head. For example, let’s say I got into a fight with a friend or somebody else. You are resisting the problem or the reason why it was gone that far. You fight against the fact of a main cause. One of my poems called the “Old Man In Sorrow” (On the Threshold of Eternity) is based on the painting by Vincent Van Gogh of is resisting the fact of fighting the depression or the cause of the problem. This is more of forcing yourself to negate the effect. You are fighting a feeling you don't want or even the thought you had/have. It's very difficult to get rid of a fear you may have now or even in the future. You don't want to end up a mess at all so you go against it. Things my seem hard to fight back against but really it isn't. We fight back to show we don't fear what's coming to us. We wouldn't let anything harm us or ruin or life when it might turn out to be chaos. People in the world would take situations to another level and protest, argue, and most of all….fight. In this world many things are going wrong. People are being kicked out of their houses, murdering, gun violence, racism is still happening and we need to put a stop to it. Even if is right or wrong. We have our own ways in resisting fears and tears.

There is much resistance in our world. In my poem “the old man in sorrow” is about a man who tries to fight back against harming himself or admitting the fact of being in a situation. The painting was completed in early May at a time when he was convalescing from a severe relapse in his health and some two months before his, which is generally accepted as a suicide. The repetition as he asks “why? Why?” is that he is questioning himself why do I feel this way or why is he stuck on this situation. Was it his fault? What should he do? He is resisting his thoughts like everyone does. We resist ourselves for what we’ve done or even what we think we’ve done. It's like you’re fighting yourself this situation. You think to yourself a lot “what could i do to make it better or did i make it worse?” but to be honest this is challenges we deal with in our daily lives. What i'm saying is this world is a handful and we fight for a purpose. Don't be afraid to stand up for what's right or even let go common problem in life. Don't let it win. Don't let your fear win. Don't let them win. You are you and you only know you so don't look down at yourself and that you are capable of more than you think… Stay strong...stay you.

Game Over

Power on

I’m ready to start the game


Save the princess

Weapons to fight?

Nope, just a shield and a key.


Wake up in this virtual world full of thieves, trolls, and liars.


Why should I go to the castle?

I've been everywhere, talking to the liars.

They say

“There’s a princess! Trust me!”

Mission start

I'm getting tired of liars and thieves

Stealing my thoughts and my body

Telling me “you need to have her in her life”

No, they’re not needed

New objective

No princess

No more blocking the enemies

I don’t need the key

I don’t need the shield


Give me the sword

Do i need a princess? No

I’m not a hero

I'm not wasting my hp to zero

I'm not a lucky clover

I better find my way, before it's game over.


I am a young male

I am a young male

I smile in joy for my friends

I smile for my friends, so i can hide

Why is life not fair?

Why is life not fair?

I shouldn’t give up

I should give up..

I’ll keep trying

No don’t try..

I need some water

No, you need blood to spill

I need to relax and calm down

No, you need to be in pain..

No, i don’t

Yes, you do

Why do i listen to you? I do it and it hurts me and other people

Why not listen to me? You do it and it felt good



The Old Man In Sorrow

The man in sorrow

He doesn’t know what to borrow

If he needs to love again or be left alone till tomorrow

The man with sadness is the reason why he keeps his madness

He tries to unlock the chains, but it stays in his brain

He doesn't want to be sad on a wooden chair

Crying and gripping on to his hair

He wants to smile

He hasn't felt this way in a while

The sky is black and the room is empty, filed with brown

He cries and cries without making a sound

You did this or was it myself? I'll never know

Please I need this sanity before i blow.


Why do i feel this way?


Why today?

Why oh why oh why does the world make me suffer

Okay...now i’m starting to stutter

My mind is breaking and my heart is beating quickly

My head hurts and my eyes hurt from the tears

Is this pain?

Is this what i'm gaining?

This hurts me more than it hurts you, i guess

I should write my final words on my desk

Are these my peers?

I should..disappear..


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