Point Of View Assignment By Emilee Cramer

Mrs. Dubose's Camellias

Mrs. Dubose

I woke up to Jessie standing at my bedside as usual. She aided me out onto the porch, as I can no longer get out there myself. I was enjoying looking at my sun-basking flowers when the Finch children walked by. I took the opportunity to convince them to change their father’s ways...and that girl’s ways too. No woman should be dressin’ like a slob, and no man in this town or any town should be defending those rotten scoundrels. “Not only a Finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for n******” (Lee 135), I screeched at them. I saw something in boy Finch’s face change. Good, I thought. After some more hollerin’ them Finches ran off to God knows where on a Saturday. I asked Jessie to take me inside; I was tired. I awoke once more to Jessie standing there. This time she told me that the Finch boy had taken a beatin’ to my lovely camellias. I found myself coming up with a plan. “Jessie,” I said. “Hows about we kill two birds with one stone. If we make that Finch boy read to me, it will be ample punishment for him, but we can time it so I can get off my morphine.” Jessie said it seemed like an alright idea, so that’s what we did. While Jem was reading, I tried to focus on his mistakes to take my mind off the medicine. Time...time...time...no Jem that’s not how you say that!....I dozed off….

Boo Radley Watches the Children Reenact His Life

Boo Radley

“Arthur get away from that window!!” I heard my brother’s voice echo throughout the wooden floorboards. I didn’t respond, but I retreated from the door. I had been watching the children at the neighbors house for a while now. Watching them is almost healing to me. It reminds me of a childhood that I once had, before the rumors started. Now I am afraid to go out in public, not only because of Nathan, but the community in general. Since I don’t have much to do, I have witnessed many things outside my small dome. I watched as the child they call Dill leaned against my fence, staring in awe at my house. I watched as the other boy Jem ran and slapped a palm against the paneling, and ran off just as fast. There were a few times I took the chance to help the children. After all, fueling their fantasy was a fun game to me. I found some of my father’s old trinkets and left them in the oak tree out front. I retrieved Jem’s pants, sewed them up, folded them neatly, and laid them nicely over the fence. Do I wish to go out in public? Maybe not. Although it would be nice to have some company other than Nathan for once.

Miss Caroline's First Day of First Grade

Miss Caroline

“This says I am Miss Caroline Fisher. I am from North Alabama, from Winston County” (Lee 21). I began feeling slightly apprehensive when I heard the first grade class start murmuring. Since I moved to Maycomb for my first ever teaching job, I have been quite nervous. The town is a lot smaller than I expected, and a lot...dirtier too. After some consideration, I decided to read the class a nice beginners book. I don’t understand why they all seemed so disturbed by the end of it. “Miss...Scout,” I called. “Can you read the alphabet for us please?” She read through not only that, but through My First Reader and The Mobile Register with such ease that I knew it was the teachings of her father. This was against school policy; no parent has the qualifications to teach their children, or they will not grow up the right way. I would not tolerate this in my classroom, and luckily Scout stopped arguing rather quickly. Later in the day though, she caused me more trouble than I could handle. Shocked after her comment about Walter, I decided to give her some taps on her hand with my ruler, which is what they taught us to do in training for becoming a teacher. The class exploded with laughter, and luckily the bell rang before any more havoc could be wreaked on my class. Exhausted, I collapsed in my chair, and hoped for a better day tomorrow.

The Quarter and the Ruler

Walter Cunningham

“You’re shamin’ him, Miss Caroline.” (Lee 28) I heard a girl’s voice from the other side of the classroom. I’m not sure whether I appreciated the explanation of my family’s financial position or not. I guess I just expected Miss Caroline to drop the situation when I told her I wouldn’t take the quarter. I heard the class start laughing and I looked up. The girl who had spoken out was getting patted on the hand with a ruler. I wanted to say something, but I kind of just froze there in my seat. The bell rang and I walked briskly out into the schoolyard, hoping to not be noticed by anyone after what just happened. Of course though, my hopes dropped as soon as my face hit the dirt. “Scout what are you doing?” I felt one last shove to the back of my head and then my attacker left me. I stood up, got into a feeble fighting stance, and assessed the two kids in front of me. Next thing I knew, they were inviting me to dinner at their house; said their daddy was a friend of my daddy. They started walking away, and I just stood, indecisive…”Hey, I’m comin’!” (Lee 31) I ran after them.


From this assignment, I learned that Atticus’ quote holds true: you cannot understand a person until you crawl into their skin and walk around for a while. Everyone sees the world through their eyes only, so every story can be told differently, as each person has a different backstory, bias, and opinion. Mr. Crooke’s purpose in giving us this assignment was to prove this to us. He is using this as a teaching point, and to expand what we know about the characters to tell the events in Maycomb as someone other than Scout. Scout could not be everywhere simultaneously, so there are some events that she could not recall into her story. Also, everything is told as someone who hasn’t experienced much in the real world, and someone who has had a supporting family. Other people in Maycomb have experienced different hardships, and have seen more or less than Scout has, so to them the events are seen through a different scope.

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