Learning Objective 6 goals: Values based goals setting

The values activity was simple at first because I know what matters to me and what does not. I have always been very connected to my family but also to my passions. Being a musician, creativity and passion were never questions. They are vital parts of my everyday life. However when the time came to cut the numbers down from 10 I had to make decisions about what values not only mean the most to e but what are the most beneficial to my well-being. It is this idea that steered most of my decisions. Despite all of the wonderful things in my life that I have going for me my happy go lucky attitude is mostly a front to serve as a shield. I personally really struggle with self-esteem and perceived self-worth. I constantly see myself as not good enough or not what society wants. As a result, I have struggled with depression for a lot of my later high school years as well as first semester. Fortunately, I was able to surround myself with people who alongside my family have really helped me to become more comfortable with myself and happier. I say all of this an attempt to explain why I chose some of the values that I did. I chose honesty because to me it means more honesty with myself as well as with others. It is important to me not to tell myself lies and make my situations seem worse than they actually are. I chose leisure because taking time to relax was crucial in my personal road back towards happiness. Creativity was chosen because on days when I was feeling the worst, I would pick up one of my guitars and start writing songs and putting all of the emotion into them. It was a great way to not only lift my spirits but also it constructive because I was synthesizing something very real but also something nobody could take away from me. Passion was chosen for a number of reasons. The obvious being that my love for music was the single biggest component of my dealing with emotional issues. Passion was also chosen because without passion, pride would not exist. My father once told me, “if its worth doing, it’s worth doing with pride.” That idea has resonated with me ever since. The last value in my top five was “loved.” I chose it because I would not be where I am emotionally and mentally without the support those who care about me gave to me. Knowing that there were people that cared about me helped me stay centered on what was really important, and it kept my mind from running too far down a path of self criticism.

The short term values based goals are deeply connected with the overall reason that I chose each of them. Since each of the values helped me to recover from a hard time, I want to perform an action each day that helps someone else to feel happy. This could come in many forms but the premise is that the action exemplifies one of the values: honesty, leisure, creativity, passion, and loved. An example could be giving someone a compliment showing that they are loved.

The long term goals are more on an internal level rather than interpersonal. I never want to fall back into the dark emotional state I was in the past few years. So, to live each day showing more love, passion, and creativity every day would be ideal.

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