In the summer of 2015, Joey & Nathan began working outside of TLVS, the construct they had become known for in their hometown of Lynchburg VA. The duet began performing with other up & comers in the local scene (Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Paris Jones, KillGXXD). After a set at the "LynchBRRR" music festival & a few out of town dates, the duet recorded a month's worth of sessions to further settle into their sound. The result was an 33 minute EP (HSAL #33) & a split cassette with Virginia Beach's Oahu (HSAL #29).

The following year saw more performances for the duet, ranging from club dates to gallery openings across the Mid-Atlantic. In November 2016, Wright and McGlothlin traveled out west to cut their debut album at Chris Schlarb's Big Ego Studios. In addition to Schlarb, the sessions included Kris Tiner on trumpet & Phillip Greenlief on reeds.

"Deaf Sharp", the debut full-length, was mastered by Aron Sanchez (Battle Trance, Japanther). The final product is four tracks, coming in at 42 minutes. There are also bonus tracks from the Big Ego sessions included with the digital copy.

Since then, honeybrandy have been playing select dates around the east coast with friends old and new. Their latest offering, "Deaton Forestbrook" (whose namesake reflects the home studios where most eveything was recorded) showcases a focus on rhythm applied to the expected drones and found sounds.


The duet showcases a beauty in subtle layer manipulation with lo-fi charm. Opting for improvisation over set structures, each performance (live or recorded) balance feelings of isolation, distance, & fear with solace, presence, & hope. They rely on improvisation as the approach to each environment (studio, live performance, or commissioned work).

Photos courtesy of HSAL & Lucas Hayden.

FFO: Les Halles, "early" Tangerine Dream, Emily A. Sprague, The Inward Circles

In the spirit of "Deaf Sharp", the group has taken to improvised collaboration. In some settings, the results take a decidedly free jazz bend. In others, there is more of an experimental electronic angle. With "Deaton Forestbrook", the duo have constructed pieces that maintain the open spirit of their live show that are corraled by memorable rhythmic elements.

While there are obvious reference points in honeybrandy's music, the group often looks to the writings of Makoto Fujimura & Steve Scott for inspiration.

  • FLR029, "Not In Our City REMIXED" (DIG); released September 2020
  • HSAL #58, "Deaton Forestbrook" (DIG); released July 2020
  • HSAL #37, "Deaf Sharp" (LP/DIG); released September 2017
  • HSAL #33, "Iconostasis" (DIG); released December 2016
  • HSAL #29, "honeybrandy/Oahu" (CASS/DIG); released August 2016
  • HSAL #26, "In Repose" (DIG); released December 2015
  • BOOKING: Nathan McGlothlin 434.485.4033
  • EMAIL: honeybrandy15@gmail.com
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: www.facebook.com/honeybrandy
  • WEB (LABEL): www.hardingstreet.org


Photo courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin. All sounds courtesy of the Harding Street Assembly Lab.