The Gilded Age and the men that created it

Cornelius Vanderbilt built Grand central station in the center of the city which led to overcrowding in the center

Andrew Carnegie's steel was used in every building in New York to build upwards and create space for more people.

John Rockefeller's standard oil kerosene lit up the cities giving light to all when the sun goes down.

Joseph Pulitzer's paper in New York ans St. Louis spread the news throughout the entire city

Henry Fords cars changed transportation and his invention of the assembly line to speed up the production of cars

The train stations helped the population get into the city center.

City problems in the slums where over crowded areas let diseases grow, robbery, and fires that killed hundreds.

The Vanderbilt railroads didn't only connect the east to the west but from major city on the east coast to another major east coast city, growing the population.

Not all american jobs were amazing the workers in factories worked 11-hour shifts 6 days a week with payment of $1.81 a day.

The steel workers had enough after a while resulting in strikes now know as the Homestead Strike and, which turned more violent, The Haymarket riot where the workers fought the owners over horrible working conditions and little pay.

While most workers lived in those events the less fortunate died in the Triangle Shirt Waist fire when doors were locked and no sprinklers were present to put it out.

The owners of the triangle shirt waist factory were charged with manslaughter 2 weeks after the fire.

Carnegie's, Vanderbilt's, and Rockefeller's wealth were shown mostly in their houses buying the most expensive property and building mega-mansions worth tons with a revolutionary look to the houses for the time.

The immigrants coming into the country went through Ellis island on the east and Angel island on the west. When to many Chinese were coming in the country the Chinese Exclusion Act was created to only let a select few into the country per year.

The pro business vs pro labor fight was one of the public switching sides. When the companies did something they got heat and when the workers did something they got heat for it.

Andrew Carnegie got the most heat for the flood in Pennsylvania when the dam he build broke killing hundreds.

Now a days we still use steel to build our sky scrapers because it is still the strongest building material

Buildings like these have steel framing inside them.

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