Jayson's Graphic Design Senior Year (2016-2017)

Client Work

This is a Logo for my cousin who just started a Locksmith Company. He knew that I am currently taking Graphic Design and he asked me to create a logo for him. So the day after he told me to create a logo, I got to work. He did not give me a specific date to be finish by but I wanted to get to work right away. My Cousin sent me some examples of logos that he wanted or ideas that he had. I started off with just messing around with the pictures that he sent me. Then, I sent an made up logo to him. He saw potential for a later date but then he got another idea to change it and started to become the initial logo that you see above. I sent different forms of that logo to my cousin at least 4 times until I got the logo he wanted. The program that I used was Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. What I have learned while doing this project was that patience with a client is important. Even though he was my cousin, he got on my nerves about telling me to change something and then not liking it so I have to change it back. Also, you might like one of the logos but the client doesn't so you have to change it to their liking. But overall, you have to learn to be patient.

This is One of the works that I am most proud of. This is a Certificate for a National City Councilwoman who I intern with. She asked me if I knew someone who creates certificates or something of that sort. So I told her that I am in Graphic Design and I can create it myself. She showed me the example of the mayors certificate and she said that she wanted to make it a old yet modern feel to it. I started this project the very next day. It took me at least 2 schools weeks to do. I sent her a first design and she told me what to change. So I did and then I sent a new and updated version that you see here. I sent it to her and has used it ever since. What I learned on this project is that for big clients such as a Councilwoman, you have to give more than 110 percent when it comes to your work. The councilwoman could of easily went to someone that is a professional but she put her faith into me and it was my job to execute it to the best of my abilities which I think I showed here.

Here is one of my favorite projects that I have done and it was client work. We had (past-tense) a ping pong club here on campus in the beginning of the year and the president of the club asked me to create a shirt for their club. They wanted it to be known around campus that there was a club like that. They didn't give me a design to start with so I came up with my own cool, hip T-Shirt that anyone can wear at anytime. So I started out with just creating cool logos and ended up liking this one. Then I brought it to indesign and created the logos that you see on the shirt. Also there was not specific time that it was due. So I had the freedom finish when I thought it was complete. I still finished within a week and a half. And they approved the shirt and was ready for printing. Then, the club just stopped randomly due to it being in the rec-room during lunch. The shirts never got printed and never were worn. What I learned with this experience is that you have to be yourself when it come to creating something. I chose what was cool and stayed true to it. Also, I learned that sometimes friends aren't the best "business partners." You will tend to do what your friend likes and even friends can break a deal or promise. So, you have to work with someone who has a good working relationship with you.

My Work for Fun

This is one I am proud of. I was just getting back into Photoshop and the different applications. So I thought that the best was to get back in it was by following a tutorial of how to work with it again. I simply just typed in Photoshop tutorials in the search bar and found this tutorial to be interesting. Throughout the whole tutorial, I heard the guy talk about the stuff of how to use Photoshop but I wouldn't remember where it was located. It was just like a memory game for me. But that design was not the original design that the tutorial did. I added the black and white and put Godzilla in the background. I wanted to "spice things up a bit." The tutorial was a bit bland so then I added the things when it was finished. What I learned for this tutorial is that it is always good to have a little refreshed course to get you to where you want to be. I wanted to do was just catch up on the things that I left behind. It is always good to get a refresher for time to time.

This what I did toward the middle of the Semester. On the right, is a picture of a Baseball player who is from the Padres and this was made around the time of Halloween. I was in that spirit so I searched up tutorial on how to make someone's face seem like a skeleton. I copied the tutorial and got this effect. But that was just for the Player. Everything else I did in the background, I did on my own. I found the font that the Padres put on their lineup cards and I put the Padres logo in the bottom left corner. If you look close, you can see Petco Park in the Background with lighting striking. That background was made by mistake but I took a second look at it and it fit perfectly. So I kept it. On the left is a picture of Yankee Stadium where they were playing that day. I put the Lineup card on the jumbo tron to see what it looked liked. And it fit. What I learned is that you can make work fun. Not all work has to be fun and lame. It is just to the extent to which you make it fun. Yes, it sounds cliche but it was true when it came to this project.

This is what I did towards the end of semester before doing this. I just say rouge one and it was a pretty darn good movie. And I saw that first year was working on the magazine. I did that last year and so I wanted to see how far I have came from first year to second year. So I started with Photoshop and carried it over to Indesign. It was hard to make every thing work at first. You have to remember the rules and everything. So that is what I did. What I learned from this project is that you have to remember rules and instructions to carry out work. Sometimes you will have to follow orders or instructions to finish a certain job or task.

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