Welcome to my world A short letter to friends

This short photo-essay collects images from my immediate surroundings. Above is my front door. I say "front" but it is the only entrance to the apartment. Not very inviting, I guess. Our rubbish bins on the left. Then, if I turn to the left, I get to look down the lane (below). On a day like today, muddy, muddy, muddy - and grey.

The lane behind my apartment

The redbrick building on the right is part of the same complex as my own apartment. As you can see, further down the lane the buildings are on a FAR greater scale. They were built early in the 20th century. Our apartments were built cheaply in the 1960s.

My garage. My flat is the one obscured by the grubby white garage.

Less than half a mile from my front door is the Otley Road (A660 - see the photo below), one of the main arterial roads from Leeds city centre out to the suburbs. Buses are so frequent that it is never necessary to consult a timetable. If you take that road in a direction away from the centre it takes you within a few miles out into the Yorkshire Dales and on to the Lake District, which starts less than two hours drive away.

The Otley Road (A660) off to the left, Weetwood Lane going off to the right. The Three Horseshoes pub in between.

The first photo below was taken on Weetwood Lane, from the car park behind the Three Horseshoe pub. The other two photos (below) were both taken on the Otley Road, just below, and within sight of, the Three Horseshoes pub.

So far, photos taken today: February 27, 2017; a grey, overcast day. The photos above were all taken as I stepped out to have coffee with my son, Michael (in the last photo, immediately above) approaching outside Sebby's, the café we had coffee in.

Later this year I will be mounting quite a large exhibition, NIGHTWALKING, consisting of images taken during my walks (usually about midnight) in the neighbourhood. The following three images offer a bit of taste...

The flat / apartment in which I live looks pretty grim from the outside and the path can be treacherous when muddy. But the view from the front windows is great. The photo below hardly gives a sense of scale. My first floor window looks down a steep slope across the valley dense with trees of all kinds.

(Top) The view from the front window (L) The lane behind (R) Part of the neighbour's garden
My view in summer. A pair of blue jays can often be seen in the dark conifer on the right.
A few doors down. A neighbour's garden with wendy house for the children.

A few hundred metres from the entrance to my home is one of the gates at the edge of a huge park made up of very diverse areas. The first grid below shows photos from one of the wilder areas, the Tetley Field. Once a sports field, it has been left fallow and allowed to re-wild. Local residents have so far successfully resisted attempts to re-develop as accommodation.

The Tetley Fields, once a sports ground, now re-wilded

I don't have too many photos of the wide open spaces that make up the most popular, most used area of the park. The four photos below show that area - but are taken at times other than the sunny, busy times. I must make this good this summer.

Meanwood Park

That's it for now. I like taking pictures with my small digital camera. But the almost limitless possibilities mean that it is harder to arrive at a consistent style or palette. The three rather unattractive pictures at the top of the page were taken just for the purpose of honesty, and 'total disclosure'. I don't think I would have taken them exc

I hope that this little essay will prompt some queries. I already feel motivated to make my wanderings a bit more regular and well-documented. Any responses will only help.

Lloyd Spencer

February 27, 2017

lloydspencer at mac dot com

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