Local Leaders and Issues Danielle johnson ToR: PT 13-14

The road report was an issue recorded in the meeting minutes. My local government is handling this issue fairly well. They are fixing the old terrible roads. I agree with the way that they ar handling this issue because we needed new roads because they had pot holes and cracks. If I would be in charge of fixing the roads I would suggest fixing the pot holes with cement and tar. Also I would suggest fixing the cracks in the road with tar.

Other issues that were talked about at the meeting:

Recycling center fees: the recycling company believes there should be a fee to dispose TV's, lights, Pc monitors, etc.

2016-17 operators lisense request: Tolzman the applicants names. Made motion to a approve the operators lisense

Fire: 5 calls, 3 oconto , 1 mutual aid in the month of January

Halloween trick or treat hours: 6/8 municipalities wanted it held on Oct. 31, for safety Oct 31, 4 - 6:30pm

Address of town hall : 5964 County Rd. S. Sobieski WI, 54171


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