Boom to Bust Visual Essay Jack Cullen

This is a picture of a housewife cleaning up the kitchen

home life 1920

Children having to do work in a dirty enviornment

1930 home life

jazz as entertainment in the 1920s

Leisure time in the 1920s for African Americans

jazz remaining popular throughout the 20s and the 30s

Leisure time in the 1930 for African Americans

farmer in the 20s on his tractor
this is the picture of the dust bowl in the 1930s
this is a picture in the 1920s of the factories booming

1930s economy

This is a picture of people protesting because they do not get paid or they lost their jobs

In the 1920's many people realized that the stock market was booming so they were buying the stocks on margin and everyone was investing believing that it would continue to grow. the economy ,factories and industries were flourishing and continued to boom , but then it all came way too much and people were just buying and buying stocks thinking nothing would happen until it all came to the end in 1929 the entire stock market crashed and all of the people that had invested in the stocks there money was all gone, people lost millions of dollars. Also in the 20s many farmers lost their farms to forclosure and during the 30s it started to get worse and they suffered in a decrease in demand of products, then there was a drought and the groung was dry which caused there to be a missive dust storm. in the end the 1920s was a time that was fun and in the 1930s it was a downturn and everything that was going good tunred to got bad

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