The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt sydni liotta

The Spatial Experience: When I entered the theatre, I was very impressed. I had never been there before so I was surprised when it was a large theatre with many seats. It was also crowded. I was feeling excited to see a play in the Constans Theatre. My seat location was awesome and made me enjoy the play more because I was seated very close to the actors. They would pass by me and their costumes would brush my knees. This held me accountable to not texting and not talking. It also gave it a more real feel and I could feel their emotions. I could also here them very well and see the looks on their face. I was excited when the lights dimmed and the audience quieted. It was exciting because I could tell that everyone was on the edge of their seats and anticipating the start of the play. The size of the auditorium did not bother me, it was rather large but not huge. Like I said I was in the front so I did not notice anyone behind me.
Social Experience: I attended the play with Samantha Sun and Logan. I met Samantha in my discussion group and she introduced me to Logan. To get ready for the performance, I took a shower and put on some warm clothes. I figured it would be cold in the theatre and I was right. I did not get too dressed up because I did not think it was a fancy occasion. I did not know anything about the subject matter of the play. Attending the play with friends enhance my experience because we would make comments about the play or laugh and it was nice to have someone to share the experience with. I believe that sharing experiences is part of the Good Life because it makes the events more meaningful. When you share an event, the memory lives on not only through you but through others.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This play helped me understand culture better because it gave me insight on human nature. The central issue of the play was not speaking out about our issues. The issue arises when you are quiet about mistreatment because then it will not be solved. I understand that there are repercussions about speaking out such as a church being shamed or a family not get wages but these are fundamental issues. Our lives should not be negatively affected because we want to be treated better. I knew that priests would molest boys in the church and that workers were paid little but this shed light on the reality of the issue. It did not change my views because I already opposed these things but it did bring more attention to the fact that we should be vocal about mistreatment. Not only being vocal is important but being attentive, we need to search for injustice and not be distracted by worldly things. This subject does not personally affect me because something this severe has not happened to me but I believe that it is relatable in the aspect that mistreatment is not okay and it should be brought to people's attention.
The Emotional Experience:The play provides us with an opportunity for katharsis because it gives us a chance to realize our faults. We are shocked into the cold reality of life. Too often are we distracted by silly things when reality is more important. We focus on other stuff because we feel helpless or disheartened by the tough things in life but we need to face them. We can "come clean" by realizing the truth and admitting our wrongs. Just like the priest was going to fall back into the cycle of rape of the student but was shocked out of it, so are we. By talking about our problems, we are relieved of the burdens and fall out of the dangerous cycle.

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