Ashley McCoy MURP 2014, Environmental Planner, Psomas

What is your current position, place of work, and daily duties?

I’m currently an Environmental Planner at PSOMAS. On a daily basis I do background research for and write CEQA documents.

What did you gain from your time in the MURP program and how did it help get you where you are now?

The MURP program really helped me understand how important it is to network with other planners and it also helped build my writing skills. Networking helped me get my first job out of grad school and strong writing skills are necessary when writing CEQA documents. I also gained a good understanding of planning history, which is great for making and understanding nerdy planning jokes at conferences.

Why did you choose the MURP program at UCI?

I had almost no experience in planning once I had finished undergrad and I needed a broad overview of planning. UCI’s MURP program offers a broad range of classes and doesn’t make you choose a focus, which really helps when you really don’t know what type of planning you want to do!

What were some of your favorite classes and why?

I can safely say my top three classes were Transportation & Environmental Health, GIS & Planning, and Urban Design Studio. Both Transportation & Environmental Health and GIS & Planning really required you to take an interdisciplinary approach to planning. Urban Design Studio was super fun and allowed us to explore the design side of planning. All three classes taught us first-hand how different factions of planning would analyze a project site.

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