Africa The Apartheid

The Apartheid is a policy or system in South Africa of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. Racial segregation started out long before the Apartheid. When European settlers claimed land and resources, they treated all other races as second-class citizens. The practice of the Apartheid became more extreme is 1948 when the National Party was elected into power. After the National Party was elected the government named the racial segregation they had been practicing the Apartheid. The government soon passed laws that required people of different races to live in different neighborhoods, work different types of jobs, use different public facilities, and shop at different stores.

The picture on the left shows the differences between black and white population, Land Allocation, Share of national Income, doctors to population and teacher to pupil rations. The pictures on the rights shows that amount of land each ration group has.

Many south Africans opposed the Apartheid from the very beginning. A group called the National African Congress (ANC) lead protests, strikes, riots and acts of sabotage. The leader of this group was a man named Nelson Mandela. There were violent and nonviolent protests.After the police massacred unarmed black South Africans at a protest in 1960, Mandela and the other ANC leaders decided to use acts of structured violence against the apartheid government. In 1964 the South African government sentenced the leaders of the ANC (including Nelson Mandela) to life in prison. Protests of all kinds continued throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. In the 1980’s the international community banned South Africa from the Olympics. Eventually, as international pressure increased, the South African president started making changes. He released Mandela and the other ANC leaders from prison and repealed the apartheid laws.

The image on the right is an image of a massacre that occurred because of protesting. The image in the middle is of a sign that tells you how strictly they enforced the segregation laws. The image on the left shows people protesting the Apartheid.

De Klerk and anti apartheid leaders worked together to create a new government that included all South Africans. In 1994, South Africa held elections that allowed people from all races to vote. Mandela became the first president of the new South Africa. Although South Africa has come a long way, the new South Africa has faced many challenges in the past 20 years, including a struggle against AIDS, political corruption, white supremacist violence, and economic inequity. Many of these challenges have their roots in South Africa’s apartheid past.

This video explains exactly what the word apartheid means and what that rule did. Explained that even though it was only officially made law in the 1940’s, it had already been happening because of previous European rule. It also tells us that apartheid was also economically motivated.

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