Spine Shivers: Tech Fury By: J.a. Darke

Author Bio

J.A. Darke is a fake name used by the real author, Eric Stevens. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is also studying the be a middle-school English teacher.

Genre, Theme, and Setting

The genre of the Spine Shiver: Tech fury is fictional horror. The theme of the book is that man's reliance on technology could lead to a dependency on it. The setting is a small suburban town.

Plot Summary

All the technology in town starts to malfunction. Then, when Emily and her friends get to school, they realize its something serious. When she gets to school she realizes that all technology is down. So her and her friends Lewis set out to find Emily's dad, who is a local police officer.


The main characters in the book are Emily and Lewis. They are best friends that band together to find Emily's dad and end the technological takeover.


The main conflict occurs when the technology in the city becomes sentient and evil. Everything from toys to lawnmowers attack Emily and Lewis. They have to run and escape these attackers throughout the story.

Book Evaluation

I liked this book very much, it was mysterious and action packed. It kept me on the edge of my seat while reading it. The illustrations in the book added to the eeriness of the book.


"The toys scratched, they bit. They grabbed hold of Emily's clothes. She pulled them off, though her clothes tore and her skin screamed in pain." (Pg. 82) This shows how evil the technology is once it turns sentient and evil.

Vocabulary Words

Animatronic - animated by something electronic.

Wasteland - an area that is barren or empty.

Overlords - rulers who have great power over their people.


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