Norway 2017 "There Is Never A Bad Day To Hike"- Francesco Greco

DNT markers

Back in 2014 Francesco Greco suggested that CAI PNW should visit Norway and experience hiking on the trails maintained by Den Norske Turistforening, DNT, the largest trekking organization in Norway. His idea became a reality in September 2017 when George Whyle led 14 of our members for 2 weeks. We explored the cities of Oslo and Bergen, cruised on the UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord and spent a few days at 4000 ft in the Jotunheiman National Park. I was very fortunate to have had made this great experience and want to share with you what my camera captured. We never forgot how much Francesco's vision had made it possible for our members to hike together while enjoying the outdoors around the world. As he often says, there is never a bad day for a hike. Francesco, se leggi questo spero stai meglio. We miss you!

A Viking ship at the Viking Ship Museum located at Bygdøy.

A few kms away from the city center, Oslo maintains a quiet and serene neighborhood in the Grunnerlokka area. The St. Paulus and Aker Gamle churches are located near the Akerselva River. The Aarmod Bridge spans the river gracefully. On one end is an interesting inscription "100 men I can bear, but fails during rhythmic march"
Downtown Oslo showcases the modern Aker Brygg Wharf, the architecturally beautiful National Ballet and Opera House, and the Barcode Project buildings among others.
The world's largest sculpture park, the Vigeland Park displays over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, depicting man's journey from cradle to grave.
There is plenty of street art and sculptures all around Oslo's sentrum.
Not to be missed! Edvard Munch's The Scream and other famed paintings at the National Museum.

Nærøyfjord Fjords and Stalheim Hotel and Village

After riding the Flambana Railway to Flam, we continued on a two hour cruise though the Nærøyfjord Fjords. The rain did not stop some of us from enjoying a shot of AquaVit on board. Gloomy, foggy fjords surrounded us.
A room with a view at The Stalhiem Hotel and an outdoor museum to boot!

The quintessentially picturesque Bergen in early morning light.

Hiking on Mount Floyen where we could see Bergen from the top. We were fortunate to be led by a local couple who are friends of Jim Stanton. Tusen takk, thank you, grazie Johan and Vebeke Odfjell!
Muddy trails in exchange of a breathtaking view of Bergen from the top!
Borgund Stave church is located about two hundred kms away from Bergen. These wooden structures, now restored, were built around 1180. The roofs and interior are decorated with Viking themes.

Jotunheiman National Park. The DNT huts provided a simple accommodation with Norwegian hospitality.

It was a joy to be joined by Ron Riter and John Burnett for this part of our trip. Gjendeheim hut hosted us for the first and last night of our hut-to-hut adventure.
Even though we complained and whined about the long hike in the cold rain on Bukkelegere Trail, we appreciated the beauty of Norway's Gjende and Bessvatnet lakes.

Thank you George!

Thank you to George Whyle for spending two weeks with us. - Rosie Whyle, Linda Blevins, Kevin Day, Jim Stanton, Jolanne Stanton, Debbie Moderow, Mark Moderow, Becky Morgan, Jan Waits, Gerlinde Gruber, John Burnett, Ron Riter, and Norizan Paterra
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Foto da Norizan Paterra, nonna di Kendrick e Reed, le sue stellini

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