Testable question: How does a change in the brand of fly fishing line affect the amount of weight the label says it holds? By Jaike I , Anthony V , chase B , christian L , and Adam A

Testable Question : How does a change in the brand of fly fishing line affect the amount of weight the label says it holds?

Hypothesis:The more the fishing line costs the more weight it will hold.

The brands were using Maxima,ande, and lake and stream

Materials:Weights 5p,6p, 7p ,string,fly fishing string a,b,c,timer/stopwatch,hook,9 ft of fishing line a,b,c,measuring tape

the hook
and the measuring tape


1: Grab materials, brands of fly fishing Maxima, ande, and lake and stream

Step2:Take a pole and a hooks and,one meter of each fishing line rising,trout hunter,trout fishing line 5 pound weight and 12 inches of string

3:Grab 5 foot long pole.Take a meter long line and tie around the top of the pole.At the end of string take one hook and tie the line around the hook.Pound weight and the hook

4:When team is ready set stopwatch for 5 minutes and hold the pole.

5:When timer stops set the pole down and observe what happened to the fishing line and write it down in your journal

write in journal

6:Repeat process 2 more time equivalent to the number of fly fishing left that was not used

us getting some data
It was some of the weight we where using to test the fly fishing strings


Bucket weight: 1 pound and 0.9 ounces

Transfer bucket: 4.9 ounces

Fishing line, Ande : It took 3.5 pounds to snap the line. Price: 9.49

Fishing line, Lake and Stream : It took 6 pounds and 12 ounces for it too snap. Price : 1.99

Fishing line, Maxima : It took 5 pounds and 11.4 ounces

final Results

Lake and stream was the least expensive of all the fishing line and it took the most weight before it broke which proved our hypothesis wrong.

Maxima won second place for most weight held. Was 2nd most expensive but had way less line than the others.

Ande went in for last for weight held and was the most expensive fishing line but had some of the most line.


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