Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained By Remy


2011 | Comedy

“They say they need to have these powers to help protect this free country, but if it takes these steps to do so what is it we are protecting?"


  • Remy was born in DC to Iraqi and Lebanese parents, and grew up in Virginia.
  • He garnered attention with youtube videos of his alter ego Iraqi comic Habib Abdul Habib.
  • Find out more about Remy here.
  • Since 2010, Munasifi has partnered with Reason TV and the Reason Foundation to create libertarian parody videos.


Luke Tatum

"They took her rights in order to protect her rights; Most genius plan ever in history." If this doesn't demonstrate the absurdity of the modern police state, I'm not sure what will! It's great to show that politicians have no actual response to this. There's naught but contradictions waiting if they try. Like abandoning freek market principles to protect the free market system, TSA is ridiculous, intrusive, and totally contrary to Ye Olde Founding Documents like the Constitution. How's that government-limiting piece of paper working out for you these days?

Nicky P

A friendly satirical look at how much the legacy of the patriot act has stripped away our rights to the tune of perhaps the most annoying holiday song imaginable. I wonder how close this song hits home for Remy who has Iraqi/Lebanese parents? The song points out many of the common issues that those concerned with freedom have with the patriot act and questions some of the more ridiculous justifications they come up with for their intrusive and in my opinoin illegal actions.The worst part of the partriot act is how many of it's provisions keep getting passed by the elected officials despite how unpopular they are. It's also not completely unnoticed the ways in which prior laws have been amended over time to make the more eggregious elements of the sct legal ex-post facto.

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Nicky P