Long Island Boudoir Photography® Long Island's original All-Female LUXURY Boudoir Studio

What's YOUR story?

Ask five women to point to something beautiful and you'll be pointed in 5 different directions. That's why our approach begins with you. Every shoot we do is different and that's because every woman's style, aesthetic, goals, and life circumstances are different. At Long Island Boudoir Photography®, the story YOU wish to tell determines how we shoot you; what props and furniture pieces we will incorporate; the outfits we'll guide you in securing; and the lighting styles we'll use to create just the right mood for each of your "sets." You see, each area within our studio becomes the stage for the facets of your personality you wish to reveal...and how the stage(s) are set is up to you!

The possibilities are endless! We have: a daylight room lined on 2 sides with windows; a wide open shoot space for strobe lit setups; a fireplace; not one but two barn doors; a lighted Hollywood Vanity Makeup mirror station; a bed with several interchangeable headboards; modern and vintage couches; a hand-made chalkboard wall; furs and faux furs; vintage settees and chaises; vintage desks; antique chairs; a collection of rugs; vintage, boho and statement jewelry and accessories; an 1800s hand-carved floor mirror that's over 7 feet tall; a modern modern floor mirror with iron accents from Z Gallerie; an ornate antique gold floor mirror; and tons upon tons of fabric and backdrops!

These are just a few of the sets we've created in the studio!

What kind of EXPERIENCE do you seek?

Susan Eckert is an award-winning, gallery-exhibited artist, published photographer, conference speaker, educator, and author of an industry-leading book on boudoir.

Just read her Google reviews and you'll see that she prides herself on delivering a top notch experience to her clients before, during and after the shoot!

What do you value most?

Here at Long Island Boudoir Photography® our primary focus is on QUALITY and CUSTOMIZATION, and yes, our pricing is reflective of this. After all your hard work "bringing it" on the day of the shoot, and all our hard work post-shoot on editing and creating beautiful, polished, artistic images, the last thing we want to do is deliver your art using low quality products. We partner with top-notch companies in three different countries who never fail to deliver hand-crafted albums that are works of art in their own right and which are guaranteed to stay beautiful for decades to come! Even if you choose to own your digitals rather than choose an album, we deliver your fully edited images on a beautiful crystal flash drive nestled in a beautiful velvet black box. Our clients generally invest over 1,000, with some opting to invest 3,000 or more for the life-changing experience and timeless art we deliver.

What are you waiting for?

A soul-uplifting, confidence-boosting, esteem-building experience awaits you! To get started on your adventure, call Susan Eckert at 631.398.4487. I look forward to the possibility of capturing your beauty as perhaps you've never seen it before!

Thank you for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018! ~ All Images copyrighted by Susan Eckert of www.LIBoudoirPhotography.com

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Susan Eckert


Susan Eckert of Long Island Boudoir Photography

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