Yoga With Dhila A Collaboration with SAIVA and the asian american resource center

SAIVA and the AARC present yoga routines with Dhila.

Soothe your mind and joints in our gentle chair yoga videos tailored for seniors, taught by Dhila.

Staying active at home is important! Each week, Dhila leads a group of older adults through a yoga routine in a live, virtual setting. SAIVA is teaming up with the AARC to provide these routines to older adults who would like to workout at their own pace. We encourage older adults to exercise on their own time; each recorded chair yoga session is 1 hour long and you are welcome to pause and continue whenever you like!

Disclaimer: Physical activity may create the risk of unanticipated injuries. Please seek the advice of your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.

New videos updated weekly!

Chair Yoga with Dhil

July 14, 2021 Session

June 23, 2021 Session

June 09, 2021 Session

May 19, 2021 Session

May 12, 2021 Session

April 28, 2021 Session

April 21, 2021 Session

April 07, 2021 Session

March 24, 2021 Session

March 15, 2021 Session

March 03, 2021 Session

Feb 24, 2021 Session

Feb 03, 2021 Session

Jan 20, 2021 Session

Jan 13, 2021 Session

Jan 06, 2021 Session

Dec 23, 2020 Session

Dec 09, 2020 Session

Nov 18, 2020 Session

Oct 28, 2020 Session

August 05, 2020

August 19, 2020

July 22, 2020 Session

July 15, 2020 Session

May 6, 2020 Session

May 20, 2020 Session



SAIVA is a central Texas-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that promotes a sense of well-being, belonging and fulfillment for older adults of South Asian heritage through community engagement, education, partnership building, and advocacy & civic involvement.

Want to join in on the live sessions?

On Wednesdays, SAIVA is providing virtual programming for older adults, including simple yoga/breathing exercises by Dhila Auntie and the second hour discussion/ volunteering. Open to all seniors. Please email saivacommunications@gmail.com or call 512-347-7722 to register. Session links are sent out day of.

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