Together, we can save our city

A major influence on the increase of air pollution in our city's worldwide, is the use of motor vehicles. Motor vehicles are evolving and populating rapidly, escalating the problem. Research shows our vehicles are responsible for 70% of the pollution in the air we breathe.

This video from Prince Ea depicts perfectly why we have to change our ways and why its so vital we stand up as humans and do the right things to our environment.

Reaching out to our local community

We interviewed people in our local community, tested them on their knowledge of urbanisation and they gave their say on how they can prevent whats happening.


In every interview we asked the question "What is Urban pollution?" The sad thing was, no one was able to confidently supply us with a sufficient answer. It is important we create more awareness for this issue, as it is the most scares problem within our community.

Solutions we suggested, and their ideas

Alternative transport, such as bikes, busses, trains, and trams would help our city environment suffer less, and support the development of clean air. We proposed these replacement transports and their responses were very clear and applicable, "why would I catch a bus when driving is soo much easier?". Their answers were solely based on convenience, rather than whats best for the environment.

Although catching a bus, train or bike is not very time sufficient, it saves 6 tonnes of pollutants a year per car, thats about the weight of 7 small cars. If people were to use these forms of transport more, there would be a major decrease in pollution produced.

What can our government and community do to support these actions?

In one of our interviews someone suggested that it'd be much more strenuous for elderly people to use public transport. Supporting these people would increase the use by everyone. Making public transport cheaper also would encourage people to use public transport. It'd be cheaper than driving. Expanding where public transport takes you, making it more time sufficient and easier to coordinate would also help to increase the use.

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