Canada 2050 By: Shehriyar Mubashar


Canada is a beautiful country. Canada is full of many people from different regions of the world. Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world but unfortunately, we are ranked 38 in population globally. Canada has many beautiful tourist attractions such as the CN Tower, Canada's Wonderland, and the Niagara Falls. In Quebec City, there is an event which comes annually which is Bonhomme Carnival. Canada is a country with free health care, plenty of jobs, less crime rate and has all four seasons. Canada changes fast in a few years. In about 2050 Canada will be very advanced because countries like, Canada , USA, UK, Germany, France and China are the most advanced countries in the world and these countries trade with each other which makes each individually makes them way better. Canada's population might grow bigger if they build more tourist attractions. Canada has the biggest lumber trades.

Immigration in Canada

Canada allows refugees to enter and become a citizen and live in peace and harmony. In 2011, Canada there were 6,775,800 different people who were foreign- born. The number of Americans immigrating to Canada isn’t as large because U.S.A. is also a great country. There are probably more pull factors such as higher currency because they have more population than us but, the reason why some Americans are immigrating to Canada is because we have free health care. Also, USA and Canada are very similar so when Americans immigrate to Canada there aren't many differences, so they will feel the same way they feel in the USA. In the year 1990, 240k of Americans were immigrants in Canada, in the year 2000, 260k Americans were in Canada, in the year 2010, 310k Americans immigrants were in Canada, and in the year 2015, 340k Americans immigrants were in Canada. Chinese immigration is the largest in Canada. China has the biggest population in the world. More and more Chinese people probably come to Canada because we have lots of jobs available and we have free health care. In the year 1990, 170k of Chinese immigrated were in Canada, In the year 2000, 410k of Chinese immigrated were in Canada, In the year 2010, 640k of Chinese immigrated were in Canada, and In the year 2015, 710k of Chinese immigrated were in Canada.

This graph shows the Canada's immigration growths of the countries China, India, United Kingdom, Philippines, USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Vietnam, and Pakistan citizens.

Population & Rates

Population is the number of the same species. The population of Canada is currently 36,286,378. The population growth is 0.74%. The Birth rate in Canada is 10.3 births/1,000 population. The death rate in Canada is 8.5 deaths/1,000 population. The immigration rate is 5.7 migrant(s)/1,000 population. Population can be grown bigger if the country can make everybody happy, more tourist attractions, more events, creating new things (sports/inventions). There are push and pull factors which effect the population. A pull factor is something that makes people want to come to a country. The pull factors of Canada are free health care, great education which is free until high school, lots of jobs, and a cheap cost of life (expenses/budget and income). Canada helps people in their country by letting them borrow money. Canada gets imports and exports from around the world, so you can get some stuff from your own country in Canada.

This graph show the population of Canada after the confederation.


Aboriginals are the people who were the first nations. There are inuit, métis, cree and more. In 2011 the population of aboriginals was 1,400,685 people, or 4.3 per cent of the population. Also in 2011, over 1.8 million people reported having a aboriginal ancestry. The aboriginals population is growing by 5.2%. 17 percent of aboriginals can speak their own language.

Canada in 2050

When 50 years pass by, a lot of things changes. The minimum population of the aboriginals is estimated to be 7%. Recently the data shows the aboriginal population growth is increasing more faster than the non-aboriginal population. By my opinion Canada's entire population will be will be 60.5 million. The reason is because as the graph shows in 50 years Canada population went from 3.5 million to 34.9 million people. Canada is growing and our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau is bringing some refugees into Canada which means the immigrant rate will go up. also, we have a really famous rapper (drake) which raps about Toronto. Drake promotes our country, which makes people from around the world that are his fans want to come to Canada too. Our population could massively increase because as our technology gets better our medicines get better too.

My Life in 2050


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