Atmosphere of Fear - "The Horrors of Elfin Forest" By Finn corrigan and spencer stabile-bell

Few places in Southern California, or the nation really, contain such rich lore and ghastly legends as Elfin Forest in San Marcos. With Halloween fast approaching and a season of spookiness upon us, we decided to head for the woods and see if we could experience any of the horror stories first-hand. We were not prepared for what we found within the spiritual realm of Elfin Forest and it is with grave consideration that we share our journey here with you.

As Rod Serling put it, "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind... That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone!" While not quite the Twilight Zone, the sign pointing to Elfin Forest gives little indication of what really lies ahead.

As we ventured farther into the forest, our phones became worthless. If we wanted to make it out, we would need a different kind of tool...
Spencer thought it would be wise to seek a blessing before our ghastly odyssey. This turned out to be vital to our survival later on in the hike.
The authorities ask hikers to stay on the trail in order to protect the wildlife. Could this also be to protect hikers from the forces that supposedly prowl the depths of the forest?
Was Spencer just playing or was he actually possessed? It is impossible to know but make sure to guard your soul if you choose to hike in Elfin Forest.
We found a discarded pair of jeans and had to wonder if somebody had too much fun or if something more paranormal occurred. Whatever the case, you are sure to leave Elfin Forest with more questions than answers.
Mistakenly believing our car was spirited away, we were forced to seek a ride out of the otherworldly darkness of the forest. Make sure to listen to the podcast to see if we made it out of the woods in time.