Reflection Letter Biz Patrick

Dear Dr. Sullivan,

Throughout this term, I was astonished at how looking at one picture can change your whole perspective and how the simplest picture can have the deepest meaning. Before learning these tools, I would have seen the picture below as just a woman taking off her makeup. Now I see that she is not only taking her makeup off, she is wiping away what society thinks of her. The dark background makes us focus on the woman and her eyes draws us in using pathos. The woman is trying to show us that just because her skin is not perfect like society wants it to be, does not mean you have to hide yourself for society.

Beauty is being yourself, not who everyone else wants you to be.

Realizing my potential

Writing all three essays has really made me see the change in my writing. I discovered that I like to use commas and fragments a lot. I feel as I still do, but as I grow older I know it will start to get better. Before this class there were some things I was not really sure on how to use like dashes and semicolons. I still continue to use the reference sheet you gave us on any paper that I have to write. When we first did the digital writings, I was a little iffy about using it. I never have used it before nor did I even know about it. But once I started playing with it, I started to really enjoy it. Using these forms of writing, I have discovered that it is the best way for me to get into my writings. I am a very visual person so these digital documents help me get my point across so much better. It also helps me with future job resumes because I can now show my creativity and potential in being diverse.

Group work

The essays and the short writing assignments are only parts of what has made this class educational. I have never been good at communicating or going outside of my comfort zone, but this class has changed that. This class is a big mixture of things: athletes, older people, young people, quiet people, and people who do not care. Everyone has had their own takes and views on things but that is how we learn. That is what makes this class much more different and better than any other English class.

What's gonna work, TEAMWORK!

With you putting us in groups, I have been able to see what other people see. Being in groups, has really been beneficial to me. I got to learn the material better because others in the class shared what they got from the lesson. Group work is good because you see you and others have in common with whatever is being taught. You see what they don't get and you do, and what you don't get and they do. Everyone together works so much better than when you work individually because you sometimes don't understand things. My strength could be someones weakness and you never know, I could always help them with that. I feel as if my strength is creativity and designing of things. It's like a sport, one person can make a small difference, but together you could change the world.

~Sincerely, Biz Patrick

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