Misjudgement Of The World Noah Sifuentes Janet Mendoza Agi Fereti Pd. 6

Throughout the time of people, discrimination, racism, bullying, and judgment has always been around. Back in the WWII during the holocaust was a peek in anti-semitism when Hitler and the Nazis tormented and killed Jews because of their religion and culture. That may have ended, but discrimination is still around, blacks are beaten because of their color, hispanics are being deported because of their race, and muslims are banned because they are "terrorist", the world is full of hate and always will be.

Multiple photos of different subjects

During WWII the Jews were looked at by others as inferior because they were "different". Nowadays muslims are looked at as "bad" or "terrorists" after what happened on 9/11. Stereotypes are still the same no matter what, certain people, races, and religions, will always be looked at as less of an actual human being or being worth something.

9/11/01 attack on the twin towers

Racism has also always been very big throughout time. Blacks have been looked at as "thieves" and "killers" because of their color and history. When Martin Luther King Jr. was protesting against whites for equity and equality of blacks he fought hard, he believed that everyone in the world is made the same as it says in the Declaration of Independence, "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.." He eventually helped change the world and freedom of people, but even with that, racism has always been around and always will be.

Black people

Not only does racism play a key role in the judgement of the world, but so does religion. Jews in WWII were placed in camps, tortured, beaten, and even killed because of their religion and culture. And nowadays muslims are being beaten, killed, captured, and tortured as well because of their religion and culture. The world thinks of muslims as terrorists because of 9/11 and bombings. But in reality we are just as bad as them, we bomb as well, we kill, we do everything they do but the world focuses on others. Killing because of religion shouldn't happen, but it does and it needs to stop because the people are being affected badly, people are losing family members due to frequent bombings and wars.

Star of David worn by the Jews during WWII

And finally discrimination. Discriminating against people has been around throughout everyone's lifetime, the Jews were discriminated because of their "blood" and "color", they were sent to camps and were being hunted. Today Mexicans are being deported because of their color, and race. Nobody in America is free, Trump is trying to keep everyone out of the US and get rid of people he isn't very fond of. He is tearing apart familyies, and ripping friendships and relationships.

President of Mexico

In conclusion lessons we have learn from WWII and other parts in history is that looks are deceiving. There is still a lot of judgement going on today because of people's looks. A lot of our behaviors towards Mexicans, Muslims, and Blacks can be outrageous and something must be done to stop these acts of hatred.

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