Web Article Korean grandfather's long-distance Instagram story telling

What type of text is this? What is its title? Website address?

This is a web news article from BBC. It is titled “Korean grandfather’s long-distance Instagram story-telling.”

Who are the primary and secondary target audience?

The primary audiences are people who are interested in reading heart-warming news concerning family. Any genders will be targeted to read this sort of material. Younger adults and up would also read this news article as they are the ones who are more interested in this sort of ‘cute’ news. The secondary audiences are people who are avid readers of BBC news and are interested in the ‘unserious’ news.

What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purpose?

The text’s primary purpose is to convey a news story about a man who posts drawings on instagram to share with his distant grandchildren. The other primary purpose is to also tell an example of ‘old’ people using technology for innocent purposes. The secondary purpose of this news article is to remind people of their grandparents and parents. This reminder will serve the purpose of the grandchildren and children to reconnect and talk to their parents and grandparents about this article as well as encourage the children to teach their grandparents how to use modern technology.

What contextual aspects of the text are important?

The contextual aspects of the text is important to know so that we know why the old man is drawing and his relationship with his children. We live in a world which currently have technology heavily embedded in our lives, knowing this makes this web article more understnadable to our current internet using generation.

What important language / linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?

Throughout the article quotes were included to provide some sentences on other people’s opinions about this grandparent. The quotes make the article less distant and cold-hearted and just direct information giving. The language throughout this article was also very formal. There was no imagery provided in the article, as this is a news story not a storybook.

Is syntax important?

The author includes many different types of sentence lengths so that they can capture the audience’s attention throughout the article. There were also lots of short paragraphs to conveniently separate different subtopics of the article into small parts for easy information consuming. It is also done to place the quotes in different paragraphs from the news article so that there is a shift from quote time to news time.

Is grammar important?

It is important to have good grammar in this type of text as this is a news story for the BBC a website with good reputation. Having good grammar creates a sense of formality, which is mantained throughout the article.

Is typography important?

The typography is important to create a formal atmosphere of BBC News. If the font were very informal it would not fit the website’s mood of news delivering and formality. They also have a different types of font for the words describing the images provided so that the audience reading the article can easily distinguish where each section of the text belongs to.

Visual images, charts, and graphics?

The inserts of the grandparent’s drawings are important for the article to show the audiences how talented the man is. These pictures also provides as examples of the instagram pictures the article is talking about. The images provided create a sense of coziness and comfort and the reminder of home. Behind the text the colour is white so there is not much distraction from the text. White also creates a formal atmosphere which is suitable for this type of text (web article). At the bottom of the text there are links to take the readers to other news articles catergorised by topics. Having these links is an important part of a web article.

Other striking features?

The theme of the article is family and connection. The format of this web article and all web articles of BBC are the same, showing that they all share a template when writting out a web article. Also there are other features ( social media sharring buttons, ect...) which is important to include in a web article.

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