The Great Potato Famine

Potato Famine Statues

Under the Irish potato famine 1 million people died from hunger. lasted form 1845 to 1852 (7 years) the rason the potato famine was a syuch a big deal was beuse of the fact that potatoes was a big part of the European Cost hold. and the potatoes was infested Phytophthora infestans,

Potato infested With Phytophthora infestans
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Kianosh Solheim


Created with images by Ozzy Delaney - "Potato Famine Statues" • Ozzy Delaney - "Potato Famine Statue" • Ozzy Delaney - "Potato Famine Statues" • Ozzy Delaney - "Potato Famine Statues" "Potato infested With Phytophthora infestans"

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