The Thirteenth Tuesday: We Talk About The Perfect Day Lizzie Hammond

On the thirteenth Tuesday Mitch and his beloved dying professor spend together, they talk about the perfect day. The chapter starts out with Mitch explaining how comfortable Morrie is with talking about his body even after death. Morrie goes on to talk about how people treat death and how silly it is for them to act this way about it. He also tells Mitch about his horrible coughing fits that keep him from sleeping and hint that death is closer then ever before. Morrie talks about how he's ready for death, ready for peace and that he's not afraid because he knows it is the beauty of nature. Mitch then asks about what Morrie's perfect day would be if he had one with a healthy body. To his disappointment Morrie reply's by describing a normal day but this is the point, Morrie just wants to live his simple life as a healthy, happy person. To end the chapter Morrie brings up the subject of Mitch's brother who was diagnosed with cancer and stays far away from his family. Morrie tries to bring some peace to the thought of why Peter keeps his brother from visiting him.

Morrie says, "death ends a life, not a relationship" (Albom 50).

This quote teaches Mitch that even after Morrie dies he will still have all their memories and love for one another even if they can not see each other everyday.

A symbol in this chapter is Morrie's Oxygen tube that represents death and giving up hope.


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