AVID Advancement Via Independent Determination

November-January. Issue 3

Our Path to Success

A new Senior AVID tradition has been set as we celebrated the signing of two wonderful athletes in our program: Jeannette and Olga.


Olga is a softball and volleyball player, who was accepted with a softball scholarship to Texas Tech University.

She is very excited about the next stage in her life, and she keeps pushing herself forward to achieve her dreams of becoming a physical therapist.

Jeannette ⚾️

Jeannette, better known as Gigi, is an Avid softball player who received a scholarship at San Jacinto University.

Although she is still undecided about her major, she knows she is destined for greatness. She is aware of her potential as a student and as an athlete. So she keeps working harder than ever to finish this stage in her life, and ready to move on to the next one.

Brianna Rodriguez, TracieJensen, Sasha Alcorta

We will continue to celebrate our Avidators for their achievements, especially when it comes to their acceptance to their dream college. We want future generations to keep up with this celebration as their members get accepted to colleges and universities.

πŸ‚πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ‚

AVID dinner at the cafeteria

The AVID family night is an annual tradition which gathers AVID students and their families, making the celebration a night of sharing our achievements and our goals for the future. We thank our parents and loved ones for their unconditional love and support.

This year we decided to make the theme a Thanksgiving dinner, where we gave thanks for the opportunities and challenges we face in life. Deep in our hearts we know that those factors that challenge us are the ones that shape the way we are today.

Coach Jensen delivering her opening speech.
As a teacher, one of my goals was to inspire students. Life surprised me; I ended up inspired by them. β€”T. Jensen

Coach Jensen gave an emotional speech about how one can be surprised by the way life works. She concluded with a prayer, giving thanks for the food we were about to eat, and finally by thanking by everyone for their being there and contributing with this amazing celebration.


Having a bowling party before Winter Break has become a tradition in our AVID Family.

We like making this celebration an opportunity to make strong bonds of friendship among our Avidators.

During the party, students are able to have fun with their peers as they celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year.


Senior Avid class at Kostorys Elementary

We are proud to be part of Teen trendsetters. Time has gone fast and our time as seniors is running out. Despite feeling a little bit nostalgic, we are extremely happy because we had the opportunity to help our community, our neighbors next door in Kostorys.

Thanks to this program by Barbara Bush, we have not only helped kids to read, but also we have become close friends with them.

Szhalimar Navarro with her mentor Makayla Roberts

As part of the Kostoryz Elementary community, we are proud to acknowledge the progress of Szhalimar thanks to her mentor, Makayla Roberts!

This young girl has been able to improve her reading skills as she makes reading a new habit and hobby.

Avidator of The Month

Robbie Lugo sophomore Avidator


Thanks for being an exceptional leader in the Tiger community.


Best wishes fRom our AVID family! Have a wonderful week tigers!!!
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