ASFM Storytelling Studios The story of the space formerly known as an office.

If we are looking for new pedagogical practices, we have to have facilities that will enable those to happen - Bruce Mau Designs
Production: How might we amplify and magnify student voice through storytelling and production?
Discovery: Understanding our current reality and exploring an unknown potential future state.

What is the first word that comes to mind when you enter this space?

Books, Boring, Quiet, Study
"Education must shift from instruction to discovery - to probing and exploration... - Marshall McLuhan, educator and communications theorist
Discovery as empathy building: How might we gain insight into the desired community experience?

What do we want learning to feel, look, and sound like?

Interpretation: What drivers emerge to enhance and constraints to design through?
Drivers: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Evolution

Drivers Defined as Learning Verbs


The spark that lights the flame

Playing with ideas

Research ways in which to bring ideas to life

Photo credit: Rosan Bosch


The pivot from concept to concrete

The recording of content to add context

The hands getting dirty and sore as a result of authentic assembling of ideas

The making of a dream

Photo credit: Rosan Bosch


Refinement of rough ingredients into a delicate cuisine

Small-scale showcases to a limited audience

Putting it all together into a provocative narrative

Adding the accents

Photo credit: Rosan Bosch


Publishing to the world and our community

Circling back with intent and purpose

Using the experience to pose new challenges

Applying the obtained skillsets anywhere

Ideation - Prototyping: Layouts

MSHS Learning Commons ReDesigned Layout
MSHS Recording Studio Canvas
MSHS Learning Commons Zones
MSHS Recording Studios Layout
MSHS Recording Studios Layout with elements
MSHS Recording Studios Layout 3D Render
MSHS Recording Studios Layout 3D Render
MSHS Recording Studios Layout 3D Render

Design Team:

Jose Alvarez, Cory Austen, Brian Hamm

Project Management Team:

Jorge Mendez, Richard Colter Jr.

Special thanks to the Open Minds, Caring Hearts, and Globally Minded Leadership at ASFM which brought this to life.

Dr. Michael Adams, John Hickey, Eva Lamadrid, and David Scott

Created By
Brian Hamm

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