To Tenure or To Not To Tenure garrett Ogle


Iowa does not have teacher tenure.

The state of Iowa does not have tenure for their teachers but they do have "Just Cause". This is the same everywhere that you must have "just cause" to fire or to get rid of teachers in your district or building. This process is still controversial because not everyone's definition of "just cause" is the same. The way on district defines that amy be completely different from another district and completely different from the teachers view point.


Missouri has teacher tenure

The state of Missouri has teacher tenure. A teacher in Missouri becomes tenured after completing five successive years in the same school district. This starts on the first day of the sixth year with that same school district. Once a teacher becomes tenured it can be very difficult to get rid of those teachers. There are very few reasons that result in termination or immediate termination. For other reason than those there is a long process that the school and district must go through to get rid of these teachers. First, they must find reasons they should be dismissed and these have to be discussed and talked about before and even a potential plan to be created. Then, this must occur again in which then the district can be involved and even be put on leave. After that, a teacher must go through the school districts hearing process and be voted on by the school board before a teacher can be fired.

The main difference between Iowa and Missouri is the process in which it takes to fire a teacher in Iowa to a tenured teacher in MIssouri. It is a lot more difficult and a tougher process to do this in Missouri than it is in Iowa.

I would feel a lot more protected in Missouri than in Iowa. Being tenured gives you comfort in knowing that you have earned your right as a teacher and that for a district to get rid of you will be extremely hard most likely means you did something wrong multiple times. As for Iowa it only takes once, no matter how long you have been with that district. This is why I would prefer MIssouri which offer teacher tenure.

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