Paly Boys Varsity water polo crushes Homestead in first conference game of the season

No. 1 junior Spencer Soohoo blocks the first shot from Homestead. Strong start in the first quarter for the Vikings.
No. 11 sophomore Nicholas Hoffs scores an early goal, setting the team up to secure a game-long lead on the Mustangs.
No. 5 senior Ryan Stanley blocks an attempted score from the Mustangs.
No. 10 senior Dexter Gormley scores on the Mustangs, gaining an another point for the Vikings.
From the mid-pool line, No. 5 Ryan Stanley scores, firmly securing a 5-1 lead at the end of the first quarter.
After a score from the Mustangs, No. 10 Dexter Gormley returns the favor and makes a quick shot into the goal.
No. 5 Ryan Stanley makes a penalty shot and puts the Vikings in a strong 8-5 lead at the half.
In the first minute of the second half, No. 8 senior Dante Garetto scores for the Vikings.
Guarding the goal, No. 1 Spencer Soohoo blocks a shot from the Mustangs, defending their 9-5 lead.
Halfway into the third quarter, No. 20 Senior Ryan Wisowaty slams the ball into the Mustang's goal putting the Vikings up, 11-6.
Closing the game, No. 5 Spencer Soohoo blocks one final shot, securing victory for the Vikings.
Paly ends the game in a 12-7 victory against Homestead, taking home a win for the first conference game of the season.