Rwanda is slightly smaller than Maryland
Rwanda has a temperate climate with two rainy seasons, February to April and November to January. The mountains are mild with snowy, frosty tops.
Rwanda is located in Central Africa, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and north of Burundi. It is landlocked. Most of land grasslands and hilly.
Rwanda's biggest natural resources are gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), methane, hydropower and arable land
The population of Rwanda is 12,988,423. It is the most densely populated country in Africa.
Rwandan ethnic group is mostly Hutu (Bantu)(84%), then they are also part Tutsi (Hamitic)(15%) and a little bit Twa (Pygmy)(1%)
The majority of the Rwandan people are Roman Catholic (49.5%), but also at a high number, many Rwandan people are Protestant.
Rwandans wear modern Western style clothing usually used from England and other countries. They usually wear sandals unless they are going hiking. Women dress more conservatively.
The national language of Rwanda is Kinyarwanda which is a part of the Bantu language.
The life expectancy rate in Rwanda is 58.5 years for males and 61.7 years for females.
Rwanda is a presidential Republic led by their president, Paul Kagame.
The capital of Rwanda is Kigali.
Rwanda uses Rwandan Francs as their currency. 1 Rwandan Franc is equal to 0.0012 of a US Dollar. 1 US dollar is equal to 824.88 Rwandan Francs.
Some cool places you could go to in Kigali are the Kigali Genocide memorial centre or you could go and hike up Mount Kigali.
Also, you could visit Volcano National Park or Musanze Cave in Ruhengeri.
Rwandans were mostly Hutu and Tutsi peoples formed many years ago. In 1916 Germany colonized Rwanda after World War 1 and gave the land to Belgium. Then on July 1, 1962 Belgium granted Rwanda it's independence. From 1962-1990 there was a lot of fighting between the Hutus and Tutsis and the Hutus drove almost all of the Tutsis out. Then in 1994 the Tutsis came back, killed the Rwandan President and 100 days of genocide started killing more than 800,000 people both Tutsi and Hutu. Paul Kagame, leader of the Tutsi's ended the mass killing and then became the president of Rwanda in 2000.
Paul Kagame was a hero for Rwanda born in 1957 and he still lives today as Rwanda’s president. Previously he commanded the Tutsi rebel force that ended the 1994 genocide killing 800,000 people. He saved Rwanda by ending these many days of killing. Paul Kagame has been called "Rwanda's Greatest Success Story."
Rwanda had a score of 54 out of 100 (0 being very corrupt, 100 being very clean) in the year of 2016. They were also ranked 50 on the corruption rank in the world out of 176 (1 being the best and least corrupt, 176 being the worst and most corrupt).
The biggest foods eaten in Rwanda are Ugali, Isombe and Matoke. This is Matoke a banana like food.
Coffee and tea bring in the most money for Rwanda annually.
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