Life In America In The 1800s by Princess Thomas

Life in the 1800s wasn't as amazing as you would think it is, the era of good feeling was only good for a White people. Only white men were granted the rights to vote and do anything they want. Black people and women weren't free. Black people were slaves to white people and women didn't have the rights like their husband did. In 1800s, there was a thing as the era of good feeling but it wasn't a good feeling for most people. Black people were to slaves and some slaves were treated really badly by their slaves owner. The united states was just starting be a new nation, new ideas was forming, politics was growing, and white people were free from the british but black people weren't free.

Politics was just forming itself in the 1800s. The United states formed a government at was working really well for them. Capitalism started the era of good feelings. Henry Clay was never a presidents of the United States, but he did mostly everythings in the United States government.

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