The Rise of Hitler Hallie french

January 30, 1933 Dear Diary, Today Adolph Hitler was elected as chancellor of Germany, He seems like a very wise man that will take care of our country. He has proposed a lot of great ideas that will better fuel our community. I am anxious to see how well he plays this role as the chancellor.

May 12, 1938 Dear Diary, Adolph Hitler is still currently is office as chancellor. Hitler is a very good man who cares for other people. He has done many good things for our country thus far. His and his men cleaned up flooding damage that was ruining all the government offices, and then he removed the leaders of the communist party and freed the millions of deluded Germans from the grip of the Moscow control, he also fed the millions of starving people who were living on our streets. I am skeptical about one thing Hitler addressed though. He restricted churches from participating in political fields.

July 20, 1944. Today Colonel Stauffenberg attempted an assassination on Adolph Hitler. I don't understand why someone would want to kill someone who seems so wise, selfless, and that wants to do so many great things for our country. Maybe there is something we don't know about Hitler.

April 14,1945. Today we found out the tragic truth about Hitler. He has been killing millions of innocent Jews, gypsies, and homosexual. I can't believe that this man that we all trusted and looked up to, did such a horrendous thing. I am very disappointed that such an inspiring and what we thought was an exceptional leader, had such terrible intentions.

April 30, 1945. Today Hitler committed suicide. Today, we lost one of the most influential people of this time. I am proud to say that I was able to experience this very important time in history, but I am ashamed that I believed in a mad that had the audacity to kill millions of people with no decent motive. Adolph Hitler will be forever remembered, for his good actions and his bad.,324055&hl=en

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