The Looking Glass Wars Frank Beddor

The overall setting and location is Wonderland. It puts me in a kind of daydreamy mood because all the elements of fairy tales it has. I imagine it to be this colorful happy place that a variety of people and creatures live in.
So far, most of the story takes place in the castle. This is where the royal family lives. There are different parts like the Queen and Alyss's room. There's the place where the crystal is kept that can transport people to different worlds. Briefly the story took place in the castle gardens. There was also a part when Alyss and dodge went outside the castle throught the different villages and to the pool of tears.
The novel takes place in modern day during the daytime. It makes me imagine this bright land with all these different things and inventions that people come up with. It makes me kind of happy to imagine living in a place like this, where everyone is so happy. It makes me imagine a place free of crime and negativity.
It is sunny and bright in Wonderland. Although there are various villages and the castle in Wonderland, has kind of garden like environment. It has things like singing flowers and talking trees that give the impression of a happy garden. I guess Wonderland is like small villages in a happy garden. The castle is grand and has many different rooms and people in them. There is the dinning room where the fight takes place between the hearts and Reds. There is also the Queen's private chambers that sounds cozy. I imagine it to be a room that looks like it belongs to a wealthy person since she is royal.
It is densely populated since there are villages and the castle. Also in the book, the plants are considered part of the population because they kind of act like people would and the book makes this seem natural. There are the regular people, the royal family, the spades, diamonds, and clubs. Theres the wise caterpillars, and the talking plants. It makes me imagine our world with everything coming to life and everyone living in harmony.
For Alyss's birthday, she receives a Jabberwocky tooth from Dodge. The hatter has a top hat that can turn into a spinning blade to use as a weapon. The hatter's sleeves cuffs also turns into weapons. There are chess pieces that come alive to soldiers. There are cards that become Redd's soldiers. The looking glass is like regular mirror but can transport people to other lands.
In the beginning of section one, the mood is happy and peaceful. It makes you feel like you are in a fantasy world of someone's imaginations. The setting helps create this because of the elements that they describe to us. Like the talking plants that sing and talk and the pool of tears. Towards the end of section one, the mood turn to kind of scary, panicky and anxious. When Redd attacks the castle, the setting describes how the celebration is turned upside down. It gives the impression that everyone has abandoned the celebratory scene and takes on a new fight scene.
The setting helps to set the mood and paint a picture in my mind about what is happening and what everything in wonderland looks like. For example in the beginning, it talks about how there are so many different creatures and living in the village. I imagine a world where there can be so many different creatures and they don't overpower one another and can live together in harmony. When they talk about the castle, in celebration of Alyss's seventh birthday. It makes me think of this royal castle that is grand, colorful and fancy that is decked out for the happy occasion. The setting really helps me imagine the scene as the story plays out in front of me. It adds something to the story and how I comprehend it as a reader. It kind of makes me able to relate to it because without realizing it, I imagine it in relation to what I know and have seen in my life. It helps immerse me in the story and make it seem more realistic.

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