Hong Kong By:emily perez


In 1982, Hong Kong became one of the wealthiest country in the far East.By the Early 19th century ,the British empire traded Hong Kong dependent upon Tea from China.The British government started colonist in Hong Kong in 1898.

In 1898 Britain and China signed an agreement for 99 year lease for the island Around Hong Kong.This lease gave control of more than 20 surrounding small island to Britain.In return China reassured a promise they would get the island back after 99 years.The lease ended on July 1,1997 in control of Hong Kong was returned to China. There has been evidence suggesting human activity in Hong Kong date back over 30,000 years.There was a major pearl hunting harbor.


The law in Hong Kong is they only speak English and Chinese.English was an official language until 1974.In Hong Kong the primary crop is vegetable.Fishing is an important occupation. About 10% of the population is christian.


Hong Kong can be divided into three main zones.Island nearby are mainland Kowloon Peninsula, stone cutters island new Territories.South East China, on the South China Sea.

Things to do

There are many things to do in Hong Kong like History Museums of Hong Kong.The Peak tower is a shopping place located at Victoria Gap.Ocean park is a theme park with a roller coasters and water park and also a Marine park which their are sharks tanks ,Jelly fish tanks,gold fish and seals and many more. Lamma island is know as the third largest island in Hong Kong.The N gong ping 360 is a tramway on Hong Kong it is know as a cable car. There are many things to do in Hong Kong like Tian Tian Buddha is know as the big Buddha it is a large statue that has a lot of stairs

Disney land entrance fee is $45 for adults for children is $45 .Hong Kong Disneyland keep families coming to the ocean park. Ocean park is the oldest amusement park.There are many things to do in Hong Kong like the history museum of Hong Kong .

Recent news

A 75 year old man has been diagnosed with H7N9 10 days later he was arriving at main land to the hospital. Hollingworth was born Oct 10,1911 she died when she was 105 she moved to Hong Kong in 1981 to write a book about Mao Zedong.Her failing eyesight and where friend celebrated her 105th birthday.

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