Rocky' Diary Ethan and roman/March 28, 2017/6.3

September 19, 2004- Dear Diary, today I was in a volcano at the bottom as a metamorphic rock under intense heat and pressure. A little bit later magma erupted from a volcano and I came spewing out of the Volcano. Some of the magma stayed with me and started cooling down on me forming tiny shiny things on me which I think are crystals. The crystals on my back were scattered which I think that means they are non-foliated.

September 20, 2004- Dear Diary, today I am cooling down extrusive, but I'm hardening intrusively, still making progress to igneous rock. Since I am cooling slowly I have crystalline structures. As soon as I formed into igneous rock it started to rain and little pebbles came rolling down from the volcano. What just happened to me was weathering, erosion, and sediments broke down on top of me. Later, I saw the pebbles form into sedimentary rock. The last thing that happened was I had cracks from the sediments, but water came passing through and started filling up the cracks which is called cementation.

September 23, 2004- Dear Diary, today all my cracks are finally gone and the sedimentary rock got deposited somewhere else. A few yards away after the sedimentary rock left, I spotted some metal getting melted by lava.

September 28, 2004- Dear Diary, today two rocks fell from the volcano and came up to me, they sat on me, compacted me by putting pressure. This is really all that happened today.

October 3, 2004- Dear Diary, today is the end of my journey through the rock cycle. I had a great, but brutal time. I hope you learned something from my ROCKY JOURNEY.

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