Nature and History JAmes Davis

Nature on display: This is a picture of me in the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is without a doubt my favorite exhibit at the museum. It also embodies the theme of nature on display the most out of any exhibit at the museum. The butterfly garden is literally nature on display. It allows a rare opportunity to see all types of butterflies in a simulated environment. I had never seen butterflies with such vibrant colors or as large as I saw in the museum and this really grabbed my attention. One thing I learned from the exhibit that I would not have known otherwise is the way butterflies fly and interact with so many other butterflies in the same vicinity. And to top it all off a butterfly landed on my shoulder during my time at the exhibit which made my time there even more worth while.
Nature and ethics: One of the coolest things about the museum was seeing the various exhibits on Native Americans and getting a glimpse into the way the way that their society existed in the pre Colombian era. The native Americans lived in a way that perfectly embodied the way in which Leopold thought all humans should live. They lived with the land and respected nature by taking what they needed and not being selfish with their use of resources. As I went through the museum I saw all of the exhibits but I often found myself looking at the way other people reacted to the exhibits more than I would look at the exhibits themselves. Watching the way the exhibits made others feel helped me to appreciate them more and also made me look at them in a different way. One of the most impressive thing about the museum is its ability to recreate nature so accurately. That gives its visitors the ability to explore nature in their own way so while everyone may see the same exhibit the experience is very personal. After visiting all the exhibits and realizing what we as humans are doing to nature it made me very sad and also made me realize my responsibility in taking care of nature.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum is an amazing place and everything I saw there really allowed me to step out of my mundane everyday life. Museums allow people to immerse themselves in something outside of their comfort zone. The natural world is a very mysterious place and being in a city like Gainesville can make you forget what your missing. That is why museums are important, they allow us to step outside of our metropolitan world and experience nature and remind ourselves of what we're missing.

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