George Washington The Best You Can Get

George Washington

George Washington is the most qualified person that could run for president. He has a lot of experience, including being a general in the Revolutionary War, leading the Constitutional Convention, and signing the Constitution.

George Washington's cabinet is also good picks because Jefferson is good at negotiating with other people, and Hamilton is good with money. Also, Edmund Randolph is good for General Attorney because he can press matters that are important to the US.

Hamilton, Jefferson, and Randolph

The Elastic Clause is important because the Congress needs to make sure that the states don't have too much power. If the states have too much power, than a rebellion could come along. Thankfully, the Elastic Cause allows the Congress to spread their power and make laws if it is necessary.

Washington and Hamilton will work very hard to get us out of debt. They will try to regulate taxes as best as they can because they need to get money, while also keeping the people happy.

There will be no debt.

The District of Colombia is a great place for the capital of the United States because it is in Maryland, which is the middlemost state we have. This is an advantage because we can easily spread word to all of the states, and even the states farthest away from DC can be reached in only 2 or 3 days.

George Washington

Has a lot of experience in leading, and the best candidate for the presidency.

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