Ascent Coaching Bringing World-Class Executive Development to Johannesburg's Boardrooms.

Ascent Coaching Ltd. is the South African licensee of the Candian based CLI-Power Coaching Network, its mission being to "advise, consult and coach C-Suite Executives, their teams and High Potential talent at South Africa's largest corporations, helping them and their organisation's achieve optimal performance".

In South Africa, Ascent Coaching is a proud Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

A Boutique Coaching firm specialising in the C-Suite

Ascent Coaching offers Executive Coaching programmes aimed at C-Suite Executives, High Potential Talent and C-Suite teams respectively. The average programme duration is 12 months and focuses on Exemplary and Transformative Leadership as well as creating High Performing Cohesive executive Teams. There are shorter interventions over a few months, offered on a bespoke basis, for critical incidents a corporation may face (for example, the onboarding of new senior executives or the facilitation of lateral moves between organisations at executive level).

Customised Executive Education

Ascent's One-on-One and Team Coaching is supplemented by Customised On-Site Executive Training. Here the aim is to create an environment, within a corporation or business unit, conducive to the achievement of goals, executives set for themselves in the coaching process. And/or to assist a business unit address a key leadership challenge - an existing project which aligns with the organisation's strategy and requires new approaches to be successful.

Its fortnightly newsletter "Leadership Mail" offers readers a regular commentary on executive development and is designed to be read in under 10 minutes. And the company produces a weekly podcast interview "Exchange Square" on topics at the intersection of South African political-economy and leadership development.


Power Coaches are unique executive coache's in that they do not directly seek to improve leadership ability. Rather they believe that greater leadership skill is a direct result of greater self-actualisation. And that self-actualisation is achieved as one gains greater mastery of the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual aspects of the human experience.

In achieving individual goal success, Power Coaches make use of a Clarity Solutions Model, derived from a proprietary method - Mind-Kinetics - based on the sciences of epigenetics, quantum physics, social psychology and incorporating alternative medicine and wisdom knowledge. Power Coaches are adepts in esotertic knowledge and bring that philosophy into each coaching session to assist clients achieve solutions to particular challenges or stressors - thereby guaranteeing permanent positive change in behaviour.

"Power Coach"???

Mind-Kinetics coaches are called "Power" Coaches becuase they advocate the flow of energy from point to point along the continuum of the fastest way to increase innovation, improve creativity, and develop people who take responsibility and ownership - and then safe risks.

"Power Coach" and "Power Coaching" are registered trademarks - all rights protected worldwide.

Principal Executive Coach

Ascent Coaching is headed by Dr Ashley Frank an internationally experienced investment banker, business school professor and executive coach. As a thought leader, he is the author of three books, the most recent of which dealt with Values-Based-Leadership in the South African context and was a national bestseller, and he regularly addresses captains of industry internationally on the subjects of VBL, Corporate Governance and the creation of Personal Leadership Philosophies.

Ashley received his MBA in 1999 and his DCom in Finance in 2004. A CLI Certified Executive Power Coach, he is an Accredited Practitioner Coach with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring, (the only globally recognised, independent, professional coach accreditor in the world).

Media Enquiries

Press Releases are posted to Ascent Coaching's Facebook page!

PR Enquiries:

Tim Harris Designs

Tel.: +27-84-686-3696

E-mail: timharrisdesigns@gmail.com


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