A Healthy Life is a Brilliant Life Created by: Alexandra, Evelyn, and Abigail

Our brilliant goal today is to tell you that by 2030 all of these goals need to be reached or the world's future may not be in existence. This is how we will reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) :

In order to fulfill these goals we all need to unite, forgive, and start spreading these goals. We can use our brilliance to create new solutions to these problems. For example, to end poverty we need to find the root of where it all starts and abolish it.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere with brilliance.

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one out of every six (48 million) Americans is living in poverty. 3.7 million of those in poverty are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction..." (http://seacliffrecovery.com/addiction-recovery-blog/the-connection-between-poverty-and-drug-abuse/)

You don’t need to be brilliant to end poverty. Anyone can do it, you just have to know what can help you and where to start. You could start searching for different community projects you could join or for ideas to start your own. All it takes to make a difference is drive and compassion, and if you have some, you can gather a group and get started on your mission.

Ending hunger in all its forms everywhere with brilliance.

“If all hungry American adults held hands and stood side-by-side, they would stretch approximately 34,639 miles. Think about that: 34,639 miles. That’s long enough to stretch coast-to-coast 11 times. This disturbing figure does not even include 17 million hungry children.” (Source: https://moveforhunger.org/hunger-across-america/)

Have you ever been hungry when waiting for one of your parents to come home from work and make dinner? You might have been hungry for a couple of hours, but you had a pantry to look for chips or cookies while you waited.

Some people don’t get a decent meal in a month, a year or even a lifetime! They are not just hungry, they are starving! They have not done anything to deserve this, they just might’ve been born in a poor location or not have enough money to support them and their families.

So, how can you help? You can start by inventing a fundraiser. Maybe it just starts with a penny jar at school or collecting donations from local neighbors and friends to support your cause. There are millions of ways to begin our fight to end world hunger. We just need to take a stand and act before one more family goes hungry and one more second is lost.


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